Announcing … Fantastic lineup of Spring classes from Power Teaching students

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In March/April, I ran another small session of my Power Teaching class. Another extremely smart and enthusiastic group joined in intensive study of effective training design and development, and worked on real, live classes that they are launching this Spring and Summer. I love teaching this class for three reasons:

  • It is exceptionally energizing to share my passion for teaching with completely open and eager participants
  • They really worked their hearts out to apply great design to their classes, ensuring a superior learning experience for their students
  • They were extremely generous with each other, sharing ideas and feedback the entire two months we worked together

An important part of the course design was working on REAL classes launched to REAL people.

Here is the amazing variety of classes they created. I would appreciate it so much if you take the time to see what they have developed, and if you feel drawn to learn from these amazing teachers, sign up for their classes!

If you want to put your name on the waiting list for a future Power Teaching class, sign up here.

Go Power Teachers!



6 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business Owners

Presented by Miriam Salpeter, Small Business & Social Media Coach

How can you tap into the power of social media to grow your business and make more money? In this interactive online class, Miriam will show you how to use social networks to connect directly with potential customers. Overcome the overwhelm: you’ll learn about productivity tools and resources to help you efficiently find your clients online AND what to post on social media to convince them you have the solution they need.

How To Take A Career Risk Even When You’re Scared Sh*tty

Presented by Amber J. Adams 

This class isn’t just for corporate movers and shakers, or people who want to sell all of their stuff, and hop on the next plane to Thailand.  It’s for anyone who wants to learn how to manage the fear associated with making a daring career leap.  In this free 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn 5 key strategies for plotting your next career move that will help you feel fabulous, not fearful! Learn more info and sign up for the class here.

Rapid Revenue

Presented by Ursula Jorch

Rapid Revenue is an online course designed to help you ramp up your business income fast.  I started my business 17 years ago with a 6-figure income just past my first year.  Rapid Revenue teaches you the techniques I used then and since, to diversify and stay out the narrow income trap and leverage what you already have in place.

The Female Advantage: A Woman’s Guide to Being a Leader

Presented by Moira Lethbridge, M.Ed.

Are you ready to lead but stumbling over shyness, feeling stuck at work, unseen, unheard or unimportant?  Or maybe you’re experiencing self-doubt and lack of confidence?  Do you want to lead and are not sure how, or what’s getting in the way? Are you ready to stretch for your goals and dreams and join others like you who want to learn leadership success strategies and solutions? Join me and learn how to increase your chances of making it to the top of your field; how to pursue any goal vigorously; how to eliminate the ways you hold yourself back; what you can do now to make changes in yourself and have the confidence and know-how to achieve your goals.

Business Profit Academy

Presented by John Corcoran

The Business Profit Academy Video Training Program is for business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, who want to increase their revenues today so that their business income goes up and their company’s value increases.  Click here to learn how you can use fundamental business principles to grow your business revenues.



How to Plan, Create and Deliver a Successful Webinar

Presented by Sabrina Ziegler & Cate Brubaker 

Have you ever wondered why some webinars are successful and others are not? Planning, creating, marketing and delivering a successful webinar is an art and a science. In this upcoming class we will share how to host a brilliant webinar from the planning stages to the follow-up.



Uncommon Prosperity 

Presented by Diane Easley

Delve deeply into creating true  prosperity in your life — regardless of what is happening in the rest of the world. This 4-week tele-class will help you discover the insights and practical actions for creating a financially stable and balanced life on your terms.



 The Supergirl’s Moneycure

Presented by Anja Schuetz

A 5-week online community course to inspire you to improve your relationship with money! Give yourself permission to allow more money into your life, so you can make the difference you were put on this earth to do! In this first round, where practicality meets magic, you’re going to build the foundation for always having a little more money than you need! The course will start in June. Exact date to be announced.

Cause Leaders Camp

Presented by Roxy Allen

Cause Leaders Camp is a day-long retreat in downtown DC for people who are seeking deeper fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and balance through the passionate servant leadership of a cause they are committed to and care deeply about.  During this retreat, we will foster creative community, work through powerful visioning exercises, and create an action plan to remove what’s in the way of your social change career, organization, or cause moving forward.

Stop the Struggle – Finding the Voice of the Soul

Presented by Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. 

The empowering course is an online 2-hour retreat with a personal follow-up session to ask questions and deepen your understanding of the shift from ego-mind dominance to the liberating guidance of your soul’s voice.  To sign up today for the first course on June 11 2013 from 1 – 3 pm Pacific PDT email

Be Your Own Guru

Presented by Laura Gates

As a Leadership Coach with 20 years experience and a Master’s Certificate in Intuition Medicine, I co-designed Be Your Own Guru with fellow spirit guide Sarah Nicotra to provide practical tools for operating beyond the five senses – accessing intuition and energy to tap into your soul’s purpose. If you want to learn how to harness more of your potential or are simply curious about how to be more effective at managing your energy, join us for this ten-week journey starting in September.



Insane in the Membrane: Food’s Role in Mental Health 

Presented by Jeanie Witcraft-Shiau, MSW, LCSW

Ever struggled to focus, relax, or have enough energy throughout the day? Learn from a psychotherapist who geeks out on food science (me!) to holistically help you have more energy & fewer problems dealing with modern stressors. Don’t worry–this is research based, fun, and filled with practical information that you can use right away.



The Change Room: Custom Career Design for Confused Multi-Passionates

Presented by Kacey Crawford 

The Change Room is an online program for multi-passionate people who want to fuse their diverse gifts into a thriving and purposeful career. Through a series of fun, creative and methodical techniques, you’ll learn how to design your ‘perfect fit’ career built around your unique values, strengths, personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with too many ideas and no clear business direction, or a moonlighting creative who wants a corporate career with a conscience, this program will give you the focus and direction you crave and the confidence to march to your own beat.



Email Marketing for the Tiny Biz (Freelancers, Solopreneur and other Tiny Businesses, that do big things)

Presented by Bethany Siegler: Owner of Unique Think

You run your own business, It’s hard work, but you love it!  You love talking about what you do and how it helps your customers!  And your clients love learning from you. Email Newsletters are a great tool for extending the conversation. This email marketing course is set up for the tiny biz to succeed. Sure, we’ll cover which email marketing tools to use, which trends (mobile and social) are important, and what you need to be aware of about the Can-Spam laws.But, more importantly, this course is about why you should be doing email marketing, where to get your content, and how to do it all without overwhelm.



Efficiency How-To’s for Homeowners

Presented by Nina McCormack,

Four sessions of Efficiency How-To’s for Homeowners will enable you to transform your older home into a comfortable, affordable, healthy and energy efficient sanctuary.  You’ll apply building science basics to recognize, prioritize and design energy saving projects tailored uniquely to your home and budget.  Do-it-yourself, contracting, and financing tips help ensure effective and affordable results.  Click here to get started!



Where’s the ‘easy button’?

Presented by Michelle Codington, MS, LMFT,

Have you ever asked yourself, “WHY is he/she acting like this?” This workshop is designed to help parents and educators go from confusion and frustration to ease and confidence in managing children’s behavior. Discover what REALLY works with kids and why!


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2 Responses to “Announcing … Fantastic lineup of Spring classes from Power Teaching students”

  1. Jesse says:

    Woah, these all look great, but some really speak to me.

    I’m a rocket scientist (no foolsies), but I _really_ want to teach guitarists about soldering and electronics. I’ve been inspired to at least go teach a group of five of my musical friends about electronics in a kind of workshop-like setting. Maybe it’ll work out and I can charge people for it, or at the very least, get it on film and make more in-depth classes.

  2. faisal says:

    Super awesome classes, all the best to people who join.