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On this Cyber Monday, I wanted to share an important article from my dear friend and trusted IP lawyer Rachel Rodgers. Having been in business for 18 years, and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have either lived through or seen just about every mistake you can make in business. The legal mistakes can be […]

When I first started writing about small business marketing many years ago, one of the first people I heard about was John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing. John had a great reputation, a solid business and a well-respected and highly trafficked blog. I referred many clients to his first book, Duct Tape Marketing. Then to […]

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting a business in their garage, scaling it, then selling it to Google for a billion dollars. Such things rarely happen. But scaling happens every day, in our career, our business or our workplace. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, share our ideas, and put in systems and infrastructure that […]

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2013 has been a very special year for me. In addition to working with some amazing people, traveling to great events and having fun with my family, I wrote a brand new book, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together that I believe will define my own […]

Any professional journalist will tell you that maintaining an objective point of view is a critical part of telling an accurate and interesting story. Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker maintained this principle when he went in search of an interesting story about someone on the #19 bus line in Boston. He found it, through the […]

Much to the Internet’s amazement yesterday, without any prior buzz or warning, BeyoncĂ© dropped a brand new album straight to iTunes, complete with 10 brand new videos. Post by BeyoncĂ©. She said:   “I see music. It is more than just what I hear. When I connect to something, I immediately see a visual. Or […]

A mentor once told me that the only way you truly know what your values are are when they are violated. Like when a key partner betrays your trust. Or when you try a new marketing strategy that makes you feel disingenuous. Or when you are encouraged as a kid to tease someone at school, […]

I have always been a huge fan of underdogs. Josh Shipp started his life without a safety net. Abandoned at birth by his mother, he spent most of his youth bouncing between foster homes, growing increasingly disillusioned and angry. He finally landed in a home with a family who gave him the kind of support […]

You know that moment, when you are looking around the table at your family and friends who are clutching their silverware in anticipation of the steaming, delicious food that sits on the plate before them? If you are in a Navajo household, this pause is a good 20 minutes while grandma does a lovely blessing […]

It is hard to imagine life before the web. If I have to do anything — make soup, download a Mod in Minecraft for my son or get someone to haul away trash from my garage, the first place I go is Google. After scanning past the sponsored links (why don’t I trust those?) I […]