Grow your business through referrals: expert interview with Bob Burg

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This is the week of talent show finals: Dancing With the Stars contestants will be smiling and swirling on stage tonight, and American Idol contestants will sing their hearts out tomorrow for the grand prize.

If there were a reality show forĀ  Nicest Person on the Internet, Bob Burg would be in the finals, graciously Tweeting and writing his way into the hearts of millions.

Professional speaker and author of bestselling book Endless Referrals, and co-author The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More and their newest book, It’s Not About You, Bob has built his career around teaching people that the very best way to be an effective and successful businessperson is to constantly and consistently focus on adding value to peoples’ lives.

To say his perspective is a breath of fresh air is an understatement!

In this 50 minute interview, Bob and I discuss what are the underpinnings of a successful referral business, as well as specific strategies for attracting clients.

Download the interview directly at this link:


You can find Bob and all his books at

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3 Responses to “Grow your business through referrals: expert interview with Bob Burg”

  1. Sarah Evans says:

    I listened to this podcast the other day in the gym and it was so nice to hear that you CAN get business from being a helpful, friendly and decent person. I’m quite shy and hate being upfront when it comes to making sales so this method of just being nice is so refreshing! A lot of emphasis is put on being brash and having a ‘taking no prisoners’ approach to sales in the UK but I just don’t think this works for building long term relationships with clients. The great thing about Bob’s approach is that it can be applied to social networking as well as meeting people in person.
    Great advice.

  2. Jenny Foss says:

    It truly does come down to Bob’s Golden Rule of Networking — people work with/hire/come back to those they know, like and trust. So much of what I do comes through referrals. I want to say at least 20-25% of my business, in fact. At least!

    I’m so glad you’ve interviewed Bob Burg. I am racing over to check out his site and books as we speak! Awesome interview.

    (and he IS very likable!)

  3. faisal says:

    Nothing, and I repeat nothing works better than word of mouth. And in today’s world, where people are having Internet companies, where sales are digital, you can do referrals through affiliates ;p