Announcing … Fantastic lineup of Spring classes from Power Teaching students

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In April, I ran another session of my Power Teaching class. Another extremely smart and enthusiastic group joined in intensive study of effective training design and development, and worked on real, live classes that they are launching this Spring. I love teaching this class for three reasons:

  • It is exceptionally energizing to share my passion for teaching with completely open and eager participants
  • They really worked their hearts out to apply great design to their classes, ensuring a superior learning experience for their students
  • They were extremely generous with each other, sharing ideas and feedback the entire two months we worked together

An important part of the course design was working on REAL classes launched to REAL people.

Out of the 85 participants, around 35 were ready to go live today. Others may showcase their classes in my end of year round up post on December 31.

Here is the amazing variety of classes they created. I would appreciate it so much if you take the time to see what they have developed, and if you feel drawn to learn from these amazing teachers, sign up for their classes!

If you want to put your name on the waiting list for a future Power Teaching class, sign up here.

Go Power Teachers!

(Note: When you click on the links, it will not open a new window, it will go directly to the site. If you want to get back to this post, just hit the “Back” arrow on your browser)


Untangling the Threads of Awakening: An introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Textile Art

Presented by Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo

Inspired but mystified by the art hanging on dharma center walls? Bought a thangka while traveling in Nepal but don’t know what it means? One of the only westerners trained in the ancient art of silk appliqué thangka, Leslie will give you an accessible introduction to Tibetan Buddhist art and its textile incarnation.



Build Your Business (In a Weekend!)

Presented by Maia Williams 

Build Your Business (In a Weekend!), is specifically designed for business and nonprofit executives, owners, and decision-makers. This accelerated online program delivers a simple (and confidential) way for you to initiate, test and increase revenue by articulating a compelling story, leveraging your strengths and tapping marketing opportunities that work in the new economy.


Business Idea Bootcamp

Presented by Temi Adew 

Why haven’t you started your business yet? If you’ve ever said, “I’d like to start a business, but I have no idea what I’d do,” this course is for you. Learn how to find a business idea that works for you.


Presenting your film to sponsors (Apresentando seu filme ao patrocinador)

Presented by Adriana Mota

For those interested in film production in Brazil, a course on how to put together proposals for sponsors may be what you have been waiting for. If you have a script or an idea for a production but do not know how to present this in an effective manner for possible investors and partners you are the ideal student for this course. “Apresentando seu filme ao patrocinador” is about teaching filmmakers how to write a project to finance a production.


Secrets of a Serial Retailer

Presented by Denise Keller

Do you have retail dreams? Are you hoping to open your own small store, but you’re not sure where to start?  This fast-paced ALTERETAIL workshop will give you tools and tips that will save you thousands of dollars and help you launch a profitable small retail business.


Visibility Va Va Boom Bootcamp  

Presented by Gina Bell  

Have you ever felt invisible in business and despite the blood, sweat and tears you continue to pour in, it seems like nobody hears, sees or even cares? In this bootcamp I’m going to share a simple 4-step formula that you can use to inspire your ideal clients to declare “I see you everywhere!” and “I want to work with you!”. Ready to create your Visibility Boom? We start May 28.


Will Your Business Sizzle or Fizzle?

Presented by Terri Temme, MBA

You want to have your own business, or you have already started your business and you want to know – WHEN WILL I MAKE MONEY?  Teri will walk you through how to do a break-even analysis and help you find out exactly when you will start making money.



An Inbox You Can Be Proud Of (hint: you don’t need inbox zero, you need inbox processed)

Presented by Natasha Vorompiova  

Did you ever cringe looking at your unorganized Inbox?  Did you ever miss an important message, because it was lost without a trace in your Inbox?  Did you ever spend more time looking for an e-mail than actually using it?With the amount of e-mails we receive on a daily basis there is no limit on how much of time and attention your Inbox will ask of you.  Learn smart and effective strategies on how to powerfully manage your Inbox and turn it into An Inbox You Are Proud Of.   Turn your Inbox into a tool that supports your activities, NOT weighs as a burden on you.


Mind Mapping for Small Businesses

Presented by Shelley West  

Are you a small business owner or solopreneur who has an idea you know could be big if you could figure out how to bring it to life? A goal you can’t get a handle on, or a project so big you’re not sure where to start? Mind Mapping for Small Businesses is a two part course – Mind Mapping 101: Visually Filter Your Ideas And Make Them a Reality and Mind Mapping 102: Creating Innovation and Fostering Collaboration, will show you how to use mind maps and mapping software to improve creative thinking, drive innovation, and turn good ideas into effective action.



 After the Code is Done: Operations for Developers

Presented by Matt Williams

You’ve written the code and have a great product; now what?  Ops4Devs are, simply, principles, practices, and techniques of Operations for Developers. Learn how to improve stability, repeatability, and profits, all while getting a good night’s sleep!



Fall in Love with Your Work: A 30-Day Adventure

Presented by Maia Duerr

Whether you’re looking to fall in love with a new career or you want to re-kindle the passion for the work you already do, “Fall in Love with Your Work” will help you gain clarity and empowerment. This month-long online course, supplemented by videos and live support calls, is designed to support you to take the first steps toward creating a sustainable livelihood with meaning and purpose. Created by Maia Duerr of The Liberated Life Project.



Writers Write!

Presented by Beverly Army Williams

A creative writing workshop for novice creative writers breaks down the building block of stories while helping writers to discover time to write.  By the end of the four-week interactive workshop, scheduled to begin on July 13, writers will have learned strategies for writing effective scenes and how to carve out writing time in their busy lives.



“Arrange Yourself” 

Presented by Deborah Henson-Conant

“Arrange Yourself” is a 4-Week online course by Deborah Henson-Conant that’s especially for harp players and teaches you, the passionate musician, to create fun, inventive solo arrangements – no matter what your skill level is.  You’ll learn to EXPAND simple tunes, SIMPLIFY complex ones, and then use techniques like variation, improvisation, introductions and codas to create your own arrangements – so you can stop worrying about the notes on the page, and start playing WITH the music you love!  (Non-harpists interested in the course can email instructor from the info page)



Options for Divorce & How to Find the Right Lawyer for You

Presented by Kimberly Graham  

Are you, or someone you care about, contemplating divorce? The journey is less stressful and more peaceful if you choose the right path and have the right guide.  Learn about your options and how to find the best lawyer or mediator for you, by clicking here.



Season’s Eatings: Get Cooking With Your Kids in the Kitchen

Presented by Leah Cherry

In Leah Cherry’s online class for young chefs and their parents you’ll get tools & inspiration to create fun, joy & connection around food and family dinnertime.  This 4-week online class, Season’s Eatings: Get Cooking With Your Kids in the Kitchen!, shares classroom-tested recipes kids can cook along with fun activities and games for little chefs!



Beyond Hope – Thriving with TMJ Disorder

Presented by Stacy Stone  

Struggling with chronic jaw pain can often be isolating and frustrating. Beyond Hope – Thriving with TMJ Disorder is a 5 week interactive experience that will give you the tools and support you need to start getting your life back. At the end of the experience, you will have a concrete, step-by-step plan for how to optimize your life so that thriving with TMJ disorder is no longer out of reach. Learn More About Beyond Hope – Thriving with TMJ Disorder 


 The Passion Test…And Beyond: How to Design and Live a Passionate Life in 4 Easy Lessons

Presented by Julie Blum, Life Coach

HOW TO DESIGN AND LIVE A PASSIONATE LIFE IN 4 EASY LESSONS. For more information click on Julie Blum, Life Coach and Passion Test Facilitator.



 Launch Your Reinvention!

Presented by Sally Anne Giedrys 

A free 4-part e-class designed to help you launch your personal and professional reinvention. It’s time to stop talking about what you want and start getting it. You’ll choose a place to begin and create one powerful change in a month – through a fun, interactive process you can use over and over again. Sign up now. E-course begins June 4.



Media Moxie

Presented by Brigitte Lyons 

Brigitte Lyons knows first-hand from 10 years working in PR how traumatic promoting yourself can be — but it doesn’t have to be that way. She left her agency career with a single-minded purpose: to empower you to take charge of your own publicity. Join her for Media Moxie to learn how to connect with the media and gain the confidence to get the coverage you need to break on through.



 “Grow Your Business While Still Working a 9 to 5: How to Leverage The Power Of Conference Networking to Save Time, Money, Energy and Make Relevant Connections.”

Presented by Mike Ambassador Bruny

“Granted 9 to 5 is how you survive; I ain’t trying to survive, I’m trying to live it to the limit and love it a lot.” ~Jay-Z. Ever wonder where you’re going to find the time, money, connections or energy to grow your side hustle while working a 9 to 5?  Conferences are the answer.  In the 4 week interactive course, “Grow Your Business While Still Working a 9 to 5: How to Leverage The Power Of Conference Networking to Save Time, Money, Energy and Make Relevant Connections,” networking veteran Mike Ambassador Bruny will show you how.



Eating Together – Establishing a Family Dinner Ritual 

Presented by Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

Join me starting June 18 for Eating Together: Establishing a Family Dinner Ritual, a four week online program designed to help you reclaim family dinners in your home. You will learn how to find the time you need to focus on family meals. Eating dinner with your family isn’t just about a meal plan and running to the grocery store. Regularly planning, preparing and sharing family meals is a mindset that helps you tackle the mental and logistical challenges of making and serving healthy dinners every night.  In just four-weeks, you can create a ritual in your home.


Mindful Parenting

Presented by June Bayha

This 31-day course, taught by Teresa Zucchet and June Bayha, shows with great simplicity and practicality how parents can enrich their lives and the lives of their children through mindful parenting – the bringing of moment-to-moment, non-judging awareness into every aspect of life and parenting. Each moment can be an opportunity for us to see our children and their needs more clearly and thereby grow ourselves in wisdom and compassion as we nourish and care for them. Even the smallest degree of mindfulness can have profound effects on our children, no matter how old they are, and on the quality of our relationships with them.


Your Child’s Multicultural Hair: Basic Care and Styling

Presented by LaToya Carbonell

As the parent of a child with multicultural hair, you may be struggling with selecting the products and styling tools that work best.  Learn to confidently care for your child’s curls from a loving parent just like you!



Finding Your Way Back to the Positive Side:  Emotional Search & Rescue for those who have lost their way in the Storms of Life

Presented by Catherine Allen

This 4 week course is a Search and Rescue project. My intention is to find you, whether you are lost at sea or trapped in the debris of your destroyed life, and to assist you in surviving, navigating and recovering from the emotional storms of life


Speak up!

Presented by Kristen Carter  

Do you find it hard to stay calm and on-topic when you’re with certain people or in particular situations? Join the club! Then join this class. Kristen Carter, certified career and life coach and long-time business communications consultant, will help you learn to stay cool and focused in even the most difficult conversations. Currently taught live in Johannesburg, South Africa, but an online course is coming soon – click here for more information.




Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you tried of trying to balance it all alone?Are you ready to stop being ruled by fear and step into your purpose and experience a life of FREEDOM? Ready to identify limiting/negative beliefs and replace with empowering and action igniting beliefs.  We have the program and process for you….you will grow personally and professionally!



How to Break Free: Harnessing Your Super Power

Presented by Brandi Holmes and Theresa Campbell 

Yo GenYus, quarter-life crisis got you down? We’ve got the cure for what ails you. In this FREE course we will help you find an answer to the question: if what you are currently doing (career, school, etc.) is only temporary, what do you really want to do? At the end of this course you will have a plan in hand ready to be executed to lead you along the path of designing your extraordinary life.


Course-storming: 16 exercises to discovering your first course

Presented by Abe Crystal  

We’ve observed that many people who aspire to create their own courses never get past that first step of ‘dreaming.’ We’re determined to help you do more. We’re going to help you brainstorm, combine, evaluate, and eliminate course ideas until you have a core set of 3-5 ideas that you’re excited to teach.



Grateful Living – A Makeover For The Body You Deserve.

Presented by Yaromil Fong-Olivares and Hans Hageman

Grateful Living is a 10-session health makeover for women.  The program will put women back in charge of their bodies so that they can become Strong, Sexy, and Serene. Please click on “Grateful Living” for more information.


Naming and Claiming Your Hero’s Journey to Overcome Obstacles and Move Forward with Grace and Ease  

Presented by Pauline Laurent

Your Hero’s Journey is a map of your inner journey—the journey to explore meaning, purpose, and destiny. Seeing the content of your life and your challenges through the lens of the Hero’s Journey is a very empowering process. Wouldn’t you like to find your own inner hero? Failure is not a dirty word; it is part of your heroic journey. Claiming your Heroic Journey will develop self confidence, inner strength, compassion for self and others, self knowledge and set you on the path of juicy soul work.


Practical Dreaming: How to Set Goals and Make Your Dreams Come True

Presented by Catherine Saar

Catherine Saar, founder of The Project Coach helps burned out, stressed-out artists and professionals get back on track, get unstuck and create a life that they love.  In Practical Dreaming, a four-week teleseminar, you will learn how to turn dreams into achievable goals that put you on the path to wellness and success.


Reclaim Your Joy in 28 days!

Presented by Kristin Peoples 

4 Weeks to Fire Your Passions, Develop Your Creativity, And Explore Your Calling!What would you do if you could explore your passion without worrying about what people were thinking? This course is for you if you would like to be happier, more creative & passionate in your life. Are ready to love life and your challenges with confidence and walk into your own personal power?JOIN US for this 4 week course designed to inspire and challenge.


Stop Struggling with Sugar and Carbs: Finally understand and transform your cravings chemistry

Presented by Liz Eastwood Lehman, CNC  

If you’ve tried to eat healthy, but those cravings for sweets and carbs keep getting in the way, Liz Eastwood Lehman, CNC, with Teresa Brown CNC have created something for you. Discover body-wise, biology-based holistic methods for reversing your sugar & carb cravings at their core. Interested? Signup here to learn more about our course Stop Struggling with Sugar and Carbs: Finally understand and transform your cravings chemistry.


The Road Back From Burnout

Presented by Diane MacKinnon, MD

The medical professionals I work with tell me they have become cynical, are worn out and overwhelmed. I created this class to offer medical professionals a way back from burnout using the most practical tools and techniques that my clients have benefited from over the years. In a weekly 1-hour teleclass we will focus on gaining the skills needed to recover the joy and passion that we all felt when we started out in our medical careers.


Write Your Irresistible Book Proposal

Presented by Debbie Reber

Do you have an idea for a nonfiction book you want to traditionally publish? Write Your Irresistible Book Proposal is a unique, small-group telecourse—part lecture and Q&A, part one-on-one coaching and feedback, part accountability and community support—that guides you through the process of writing a nonfiction book proposal. At the end of the 6-month course, you’ll have a polished proposal you can confidently pitch to agents and publishers.





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