Reduce your dread of marketing and sales

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Most new entrepreneurs are freaked out by the prospect of marketing and selling themselves to prospective clients, because they believe that the whole field is slimy, pushy and disingenuous.  Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid:  The Fastest, Easiest and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients, Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling, debunks these myths and shares how you can create a strong marketing platform built on being yourself, clearly defining who you want to work with, and establishing a (true!)reputation of trust and credibility.

Michael also has some good wisdom to share about creating information products, which can be a great passive revenue booster for anyone in the professional service sector.

Listen to my interview with Michael on Friday, August 24 on the VoiceAmerica Escape from Cubicle Nation Radio Show.

Show details:

Date:  Friday, August 24
Time:  11am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Topic:  Reduce your dread of marketing and selling
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If you miss the live show, you can always listen later, through the link above.  To download as an Mp3, you will have to click on the title of the show, which will bring up the "download as Mp3" option.

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  1. Andy Pels says:


    In my haste I was mean. I am a dorky relative newbie here and thought that Priscilla’s note was one of those anonymous robot posts that people throw around like, “check out my list of single bikers.” I didn’t even bother to read the correct day’s post to figure out what was going on.

    Even though my Mother is the first who would gently scold me for being unkind, I blame her for the method of my meanness. She is an editor, not only by trade, but also by birth, I believe. She passed down to me the often annoying trait of noticing tiny little non-conformities with grammar and punctuation. I, myself, added the always annoying habit of giving unsolicited advice about such (even though I have far from perfect writing). In this case I did it in an unkind way because I thought that somebody was misusing the Comments section. Now it is more accurate to say that I am misusing this section, but I want to say that I have no excuse for my comment and I apologize.

    To illustrate how severe this disease that I have is, I will tell you this story. When I was about 17, my girlfriend got to go to Japan as an exchange student, and wrote lovely letters to me while she was gone. When she returned from Japan, I somehow found it necessary to comment on the spelling and grammar in her letters . That’s what a big dork I can be. I’m married to her now. She forgave me (I think), and I hope you will. She agrees that I was again a dork, in this situation. And now my internet savvy 15-year-old son also agrees that I was a dork. Sheesh! I really stepped in it.

    Happy Birthday, Pam, and Happy Gestation.

    And Priscilla, if you have even seen any of this, I would give one more bit of unsolicited advice – don’t listen to stupid comments from idiots like me.

  2. Pamela Slim says:

    Hey Andy, I’m right here … it happens to be my b-day today, so I have been trying (although unsuccessfully I’m afraid) to disconnect from work. So since I can’t sleep, I am going to finish a post. So go the throes of the last month of pregnancy!

    Be kind to Priscilla regarding commas — lord knows I commit punctuation and grammar butchery on a daily basis. Her list was of personal development blogs, on which EfCN was mentioned.

    Thanks for caring! 🙂


  3. Andy Pels says:

    The Personal De-What? By the way Priscilla, I looked at your post today and you have MANY misplaced commas – yuck!

    I just wanna know where Pam is. I hope everything’s OK.

  4. You have been tagged for The Personal Development List. (See my site for details), I would love for you to participate.

  5. Very cool! I actually just got mine today through amazon’s recommendation. Looking forward to reading it 😉

  6. aliciaforest says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve heard Michael speak live and his radiant personality shines through his book as well – which I devoured in just a couple of days when it was first published.

    If you want to really enjoy learning about the topics of sales and marketing, listen in to Pam’s interview with MP – he’s incredibly charasmatic and fun!