Come celebrate entrepreneurship and social media in Arizona with me and Robert Scoble on March 1

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OK, I don’t know Robert Scoble yet, but he will be keynoting the Revolution in Marketing Conference at Grand Canyon University here in Phoenix, Arizona on March 1. The topic will be "How entrepreneurs can use social media responsibly and effectively."  I will be on a panel later that morning of Arizona entrepreneurs on the "how-tos" of launching  social media campaigns.


When: March 1, 2007, 7am – Noon

Where: Grand Canyon University, Ethington Theatre

Map Link: 3300 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Cost: $75 until Feb. 15, $95 at the door (if not already sold-out)
Register HERE (do it soon, given the date)

This event is one of many that are taking place nationally around EntrepreneurshipWeek USA, February 24-March 3. (Note that this is a good time to get some press coverage for entrepreneurs, so if you have been courting journalists, think of a good hook for a story.)

If you are local, or are tired of having to wear a space suit to go outside and stay alive since it is so cold where you live, please come and join us!  Phoenix weather should be totally delightful on that date and I would love to meet you in person.  Maybe both of us could elbow our way to Robert Scoble to get a cheesy picture.

6 Responses to “Come celebrate entrepreneurship and social media in Arizona with me and Robert Scoble on March 1”

  1. PunditMom says:

    March in Phoenix does sound good!

  2. Pam,

    This entry and event prompted me to comment on the huge benefits of serving our local community, and not just the www. global community at large.

    Recently a buddy reminded me of an earlier declaration I made on the power of creating “community” both local and global. The timing of this entry is spot-on for my accountability.

    Therefore, my buddy and one of our mutual meet for great coffee at our mutual favorite cafe stomping grounds, and discuss ways to make an impact locally.

    Thanks for expanding my vision-local and global.

  3. Lynda K. says:

    I just now discovered your wonderful and very useful blog via the site. Now that I’m starting my own business I’m going to bookmark it immediately. One of my other sites is and if you have a minute I’d love to have you submit it to the directory. I think the thousands of gals (and guys) who visit to discover new blogs would benefit from yours.

    Lynda Keeler

  4. John Dodds says:

    Good luck. Robert and Maryam are two of the shyest peopel you could hope to try to meet! Not.

  5. Join me on March 1

    Pam Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation blog has a post about her appearance at our Revolution in Marketing Conference on March 1. What a lineup we’re going to have! There are plenty of social media types in Arizona, as I

  6. Come celebrate entrepreneurship and social media in Arizona with …