Traps to avoid when discussing your career with relatives over the holidays

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Maybe because the Favorite Things frenzy is coming to a close tomorrow,  I had holidays on the mind when writing this month’s Get a Life ezine.

The topic is helping you navigate through the sometimes emotionally charged waters of describing your new business or career ideas to your family and relatives.

Why is it that they can press buttons that no one else can?  With the holiday season coming up, it is likely that you will be rubbing elbows with your parents, siblings, Aunt Madge or Uncle Elmer.  If, in your delight to share your new career ideas at the dinner table, you get unsupportive comments, put downs or discouragement, I would rather you don’t lose your cool and throw a fork at the wall, or resort to wrestling with your grown brother in the living room in front of your kids.

So I discuss common traps when discussing your career with relatives at the holidays:

  • Thinking they understand what you are talking about
  • Thinking they understand that you have changed since your failed lemonade business in fifth grade
  • Thinking they understand the changing job market
  • Thinking they want to hear you drone on about work all day

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Do you have any juicy, “career conversations gone bad when discussing with relatives” stories to share?

3 Responses to “Traps to avoid when discussing your career with relatives over the holidays”

  1. Emily says:

    No specific holiday incidents to report – for Thanksgiving I visited grad school friends who were ultra-supportive – however, I think my fear of this phenomenon explains why I haven’t visited my mother in, oh, 10 months?

  2. Denise says:

    Boy could I have used this post before Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for the tips and great perspective Pam!

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    I just love this post from Pamela Slim over at Escape from Cubicle Nation….