What the heck is a vlog?

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Video They say that good businesspeople surround themselves with people smarter than they are.  I must be doing something right since my readers are constantly sharing good information that really helps my understanding of entrepreneurship and business in general.  I can generally keep up with technology, but I do admit that growing up we were the most technologically-challenged home on the block, getting a VCR about 15 years after they became a household item.

So I was very grateful when my savvy reader Peter Altieri recently answered my question "What the heck are vlogs?":



The old school "acronymania" is still alive! (I’m an ex-American Airlines MBO, remember those:), acronymaniac.)

Vlogs utilize video as their primary content and presentation format.

"Vloggers" are typically creating video blogs with text included.

Think of you creating your daily blog posts in a video format vs text; or showing a short video clip to get your point across.

The context of vlogs is best shown at sites like: http://www.rocketboom.com.

Vloggers are starting to be utilized to create content, short 1-3 minute video clips, in a number of ways.

Context: "Would you rather read about what its like to work here at Microsoft… OR…. see and listen to some of the team members you would be working with, where they work, what they do?"

Video journalists are using this medium to create compelling videos that show up on sites such as http://www.turnhere.com and of course, http://www.youtube.com .

The more broadband becomes mainstream, the more you can look for video to be included as a complementary form of "communicating" online.

And finally,when you think of Bain and Company, and you were trying to convince people that Bain Singapore is a fun place to work vs Boston Consulting Group or those boring guys at McKinsey, how would you do that? Here’s how Bain did it way back in 2002. Enjoy.



Thanks for the education Peter!  I think the more we know about technology as entrepreneurs, the better we can serve our customers.  I can’t wait to create my very own video clip!

If you have good examples of video clips or vlogs that are appropriate for business or thoughts about how you could use them to promote your business, please share your comment here. (And do check out the Bain clip it is really funny!)

5 Responses to “What the heck is a vlog?”

  1. Smittie says:

    Tako Productions’ web site is at http://www.takoproductions.com for anyone that is interested. Tako Productions is based in Northern California.


  2. Smittie says:

    Gee Pam, this is exactly what my company, Tako Productions, is aiming. This is what I was describing to you when we were talking on the phone the other night. This is exactly what I was describing in my story about the realtor who does a video podcast, a vlog, about how to manage your property between the time you buy it and the time you sell it.

    At any rate, I’m glad to see the word getting out there. As more businesses and business owners begin to grasp what good video production distributed through vlogs and video podcasts can do for them, the more likely they are to understand the benefits that small, focused production companies like Tako Productions can offer them.

    We at Tako Productions have been looking for some leading edge businesses that see an opportunity in vlogs and video podcasting. We believe the advent of distribution such as YouTube, iTunes Music Store’s video podcast, video web logs present an incredible opportunity for businesses to communicate with their target audience on a scale that, two years ago, was only available to those in the major leagues.

    Tako Productions

  3. Roy Bowers says:

    Great info and links thanks. As with any relatively new technology or trend it pays to match it to the level of sophistication and uptake of your audience. Many of the small businesses we deal with are only just learning about VOIP and blogging – so it may be a wee while till we get them vlogging.

  4. Pam:

    Glad to help.

    One of the best uses of video today is to promote a company’s greatest asset,its people, is done by a company that just oozes with brand quality.

    Quick; think of a major upscale retailer that is associated with great quality, products and customer service. Nordstrom’s. Here is a great example of how they continue their customer service tradition.


    Here is a recent article about why companies continue to add video to their websites;

    Have a great day!

  5. Graydon says:

    Vlogs are only useful if there is a short and factual description of the topic about to be discussed.. and the people get to the point quickly.

    Best thing about written communication… people can scan it quickly and get the general idea and decide if they want to read in detail.

    DVR’s and Tivo do not give that level of ability.

    There’s ways around it.. but last time I visited youtube I wasted more time waiting for the people to get to the point than I care to admit.