Benefit of blogging: new friends and supporters

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437491_red_and_green_2_1 I have been on the blog scene for a short time but have already run across some truly wonderful and supportive virtual friends.  It is always a pleasant surprise to get an encouraging message from someone like Francis Wade, a management consultant in Jamaica who told me "Please keep on writing!" after I thanked him for listing me on his Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle .   Or No Dumb Bunny author Carla Golden, who wrote and told me about her journey from Playboy Bunny to Minister.  Or Matthew Cornell of Matt’s Idea Blog who is always sharing an encouraging word.

I met the talented and creative Marilyn Scott Waters through virtual means, and now have both a wonderful client and powerhouse art director for future ventures. 

All this has made me a more eager and fervent proponent of blogging for those who are starting a new business.  What better way to get plugged into a wide network of support than by writing about a business idea you are passionate about?  If you have something substantial to say, you may be surprised who will stand up and take notice.

To encourage this uplifting behavior, make sure you do the same.  When you read a blog you like, let the author know!  Your supportive words will have a big impact.

In this day of fear and cynicism, I appreciate each and every kind word from a stranger. 

One Response to “Benefit of blogging: new friends and supporters”

  1. You’re welcome! Keep up the good work…