Why blogs are great promotional tools for working moms

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I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for working moms since becoming one in March of this year.  As a small business owner, I am always thinking of creative ways to get my message out to clients and potential clients.  So I have been delighted with the advent of the blog.  Here is why it is great for working moms like me:

  • You only need a few minutes to create a good post.  When you are running as fast as you can behind your little one, the prospect of writing a long sales letter or ezine article can seem impossible.  A blog post, on the other hand, can be easily formulated in your head while you are mixing rice cereal, putting in a load of laundry or changing a diaper.  Then you can take 15-20 minutes to write it while your baby snoozes or occupies himself with an amusing toy.
  • You can post from anywhere.  As long as you have internet access, you can keep good posts coming as you travel, take a long weekend or visit friends.
  • You can do it all yourself.  If you want to make changes to a website, often you have to work with a designer.  This can take time setting up conference calls or writing out instructions in an email.  With a blog, you can do it all yourself, whenever you have the time.  I tend to do most of the design work on my blog late at night when my son Joshua is sleeping.

One Response to “Why blogs are great promotional tools for working moms”

  1. Excellent post, Pamela. With your permission, I’d like to copy parts and refer to it on several of my blogs. Just email me, and I’ll post about this!