Building my Brand Journal: Context

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To set a bit of context for this Building my Brand Journal, I started out this process a little backwards.  In June of 2005, I bought Robert Middleton’s Website Toolkit.  I had wanted to rewrite my website for a long time since I had the same old stale content on there for almost 7 years.  Then Robert announced a contest for website design that had a deadline of Sept. 1.  I decided to enter the contest and spent two months totally redesigning my site.  I finished in time and ended up placing 2nd in the contest.  It was very cool and brought lots of traffic to my site,

Then in September of 2005, I started a class with Suzanne Falter-Barnes called Platform Push.  In going through the class, I realized that I needed to do a lot more work in defining my target market and understanding what would be the most valuable and helpful to them.  So as I learn more about my market, I will probably be making changes and updates to my website, and may even come out with a whole new product and service set.

As Suzanne shared with the class the other day, the whole process of branding, marketing and growing your business involves lots of experimentation.  Some things work and some things fail miserably.  I will share both with you as I go through the process!

One Response to “Building my Brand Journal: Context”

  1. Lynn Winters says:

    Nice to find like company out here. I have had sites out there for several years that I have done little with, except to add some articles. Of course having my computer crash with no web site backup didn’t help,and I just started a new site, without reediting my old ones yet. So many new ideas out here, and I need to take some classes too