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When I was about ten years old, our roof got in some serious disrepair.  We lived in a house built in 1906, and the creaky beams and bones of wood were showing their age.  The wooden shingles had been damaged by years of rain and wind, and water started to leak through the ceiling. My […]

Update from Pam

Hello everyone! I know it has been a bit quiet on this front in the last couple of months, so I wanted to give you a quick update about what has been happening, to be followed by much more later! First and foremost, I finished the first draft of the book!  It was an amazing, […]

Testing RSS feed

Hello Escape from Cubicle Nation readers! I am finally back on line and wondered if a few of you who subscribe to my feed would mind leaving a comment to this post letting me know that the feed is working properly for you.  It has been broken all day, and I think it should be […]

I apologize to my blog visitors today — with no provocation or re-design on my part, my blog layout is acting up for some reason.  I have never had problems with this before, so I am working with Typepad technical support to resolve it. It must be related to the wonderful plug I got from […]

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I ranted a few months ago about my displeasure that in this day and age women (and people of color) are still making less than men for equal work.  It seems like the folks at the National Committee on Pay Equity are actually doing something about it by promoting Equal Pay Day.  They describe it […]

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Pam unplugged

Happy 2006!  I am back sitting at my desk after 10 glorious days of spending time with my family in California.  I made a conscious choice to NOT check voicemail, email, post blogs, check my webstats or write any articles while on vacation.  It was just what I needed to rejuvenate and get a gust […]

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Sharing the pain of a typo

I have been focused on growing my Get a Life ezine subscriber list this month, so I contacted Lorraine Carol of Simply Virtual Works about her Article Submission Service.  All sounded great, so I submitted a couple of articles for her to distribute to various ezine directories. When I was reviewing the confirmation emails today, […]

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Well, the votes are in, and we have a tie for the top two banners!  Since so many people liked banner #2, I think I will actually incorporate both of them into the brand for this blog.  I am going to alternate months with these banners and see how that works! Here are the results: […]

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The last two weeks have been full of activities to build my brand and get my ideas out to the people I care about the most:  creative, passionate, spiritual and stifled entrepreneurs that are living in corporate jobs across the globe.  I have soon realized that I cannot do any of it alone.  The gals […]

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I have been working at a feverish pace on my blog.  My brain is filled with things I want to write about and I have to carry a notebook around at all times just so I capture all the ideas.  I have been trying to post new entries at least once a day.  But I […]

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