Nice guys do finish first: Shoestring Branding stands out

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I just took a peek at the new small business page at Alltop (which I told you about last week) and was delighted to see my friend Mario Sanchez made the page, alongside other experts like Tim Berry, StartupNation, Duct Tape Marketing and Fast Company.

His blog is called Shoestring Branding and has all kinds of practical tips about do-it-yourself internet marketing for the small business owner.

What I like about Mario’s story is that he has not been blogging for very long (since September of ’07) and has done it on the side of his "day job" as a way to share a passion, build his personal brand and be of assistance to a target market that interests him.  This is an excellent way to dip your foot in the pool of entrepreneurship.  How well people respond to your blog is a great indication of who may want to work with you in the future.  I don’t recall if Mario plans to start a business anytime soon (since he has a day job, maybe he is keeping that quiet from blabbermouths like me!).

The fact that he has gotten noticed by some of the higher traffic blogs so soon is very cool.   He is a really thoughtful, positive person and always contributes something meaningful to blog conversations.

Congratulations Mario!

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2 Responses to “Nice guys do finish first: Shoestring Branding stands out”

  1. Pam , thanks for turning me on to Mario — awesome only since 9/07 — gives us hope!

  2. Hi Pam:

    Wow, one nice surprise after another…Thanks for your kind words.

    So far this blogging experience has been very rewarding. It feels great to have a voice and little by little seeing that other people are listening and participating in the conversation.

    My day job is still interesting but one day I will inevitably take the plunge, as I have other dreams I would like to follow, and when that happens you will be the first to know.

    Thanks for the accolades and the inspiration you provide to guys like me every day.