Excellent reading for those paralyzed by fear of leaving their job

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One of the best ways that I learn about my readers is by regularly checking incoming links to my blog.  It was this way that I found an excellent article by Mike Ambrose, a communications guy who writes Krooz:  Comments on Communication and Culture.

In Mike’s words,

"The past two weeks have been rough! I developed "Total Fear Paralysis
At Going Out On My Own" and turned to the drugs I know will best numb
the panic for me: McDonald’s, television, and getting lost in the
Wikipedia. Still, I kept thinking "Who am I kidding? My consulting will
never get off the ground and fly!" That is, when I wasn’t thinking
about the bills coming in, especially the money I owe over the next
year for my building’s brick repointing project. Yikes!

of moving on to stronger drugs (like jumping out my fourth-floor
window), I scanned the Web for blog postings from people in the same
dire straights. I tried to find personal stories, along with examples
of errors I’m afraid of making and advice stronger than "Buck up,
you’ll be fine." And these are the people who spoke to me:"

He compiled a list of 10 posts which are remedies for the fear of starting your own business.  Thanks for including my post Mike!  I really enjoyed reading the others.

All I can say is you are not alone!  Everyone has big fears of starting new things, even those you may consider the "pros."  So check your perfectionism at the door and just get moving with little things … as the last article Stop Reading Lifehacks recommends:

"Here’s a novel concept for our hack-happy society: stop reading all of
these hacks, step away from the keyboard and actually do something!"

I know everyone here is cheering you on.  When one person makes progress busting through fear, it inspires us all.

Thanks for sharing this list, and good luck with your business!

3 Responses to “Excellent reading for those paralyzed by fear of leaving their job”

  1. Hi Pam, Your post at Marci’s blog was right on target. I left a comment at her blog saying that and I guess I had too many words because it did not get posted with the comments. I noticed only a few words seemed to be allowed per comment. Soo… I turned my comment into a blog post on my blog.

    I agree with Fred, you could monetize your site a little more. I check your blog daily and really missed it when you were out with the baby.

    One simple idea that is kind of fun is a short note at the end of each post stating “if you like what you read by Pam buy her a cup of coffee.” People can donate what they want.

    I recall you were working on your book. Any progress? You did tell us to ask you from time to time nudge, nudge.

    Best, Elizabeth

  2. Absolutely agree – Im specializing in the writing about practical business advice….taking out the BS in business.

    You can find it here at http://www.reverseturkey.com.

    Keep up the great work

  3. I’ve been reading your stuff for a while, (love it by the way). I’ve noted that you, and many others do have monetization on your site, with some things that people do want to purchase (for instance the books you have up are great, (I’m assuming affiliate links wherein you get paid per click through purchase)). Why not just point out every once in a while that you’d like people to give them a click. Especially if you’re doing this full time, you give people good content, the least they can do is send you a shekel here and there.

    IF you’re not getting paid via clickthroughs, some other way to help. It’s just like closing a sale (which I’m horrible at).

    At some point, you need to say, what’s it worth to you to read my stuff all the time. Once in a while people should feel compelled to help out, and need to be made aware how they can help.

    Keep up the great stuff!!

    Please do respond whether these are affiliate book links, I’ve been needing to add the Abrams 6 week start up book to my collection, and its better to help someone giving good content than just Amazon (I think they’re doing fine and we all give them plenty of business).


    Thanks Fred!

    I have been kind of slow to put many revenue-generating items on my blog, for fear of losing focus. But I do agree with you … it would help to get a bit of financial return for the time spent blogging.

    The Amazon links are affiliate links (but I only recommend the books I have read and truly enjoy), so if you buy from here, I will appreciate it.

    Next year, I do plan on creating a page of “recommended resources” that are affiliate links of my most tried and trusted partners.

    Thanks for the encouragement, and for the percentage of your book!