Use classes and workshops to get stuff done

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This week’s podcast is short (just under 4 minutes) and focuses on a good way for you to learn and get things done in your business.  Listen here

Most small business owners have big plans to develop new services, re-invigorate marketing efforts or enhance online offerings. But if you are working alone, sometimes the tasks seem overwhelming.

Participating in a group class or workshop can be a great way to:

  • Develop a supportive network of peers that can provide insight, encouragement and motivation for your project
  • Get expert advice from your instructor which can ensure you don’t make costly mistakes and do things right the first time
  • Build in some accountability to get things done, since you have specific assignments and deadlines

Personally, I am hopeless without a deadline, so the final point is of particular importance.

Some resources mentioned in the podcast:

And if you have a service or consulting business and consider yourself a good teacher or trainer, you might want to add a teleclass or virtual workshop series to your offerings.  It is a great way to expand your market and bring in some extra cash.

If you have been a participant in a teleclass or workshop, what are your good and bad experiences?  Do you know of any other good online directories that people can use to search for classes? Please share!

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3 Responses to “Use classes and workshops to get stuff done”

  1. Here in Arizona we run classes for entrepreneurs each fall — one for tech entrepreneurs in Phoenix, and one for entrepreneurs in Tempe, called FastTrac.( These are the Kauffman Foundation’s programs, and they are good. They develop a network, and then the network lasts after the class as a series of free monthly dinners where people can connect to resources.

  2. Steve says:


    I always like it when advice is short, simple, and practical. Having been out of the cubicle for 30 years (well, ok, there weren’t any cubicles!) I’m always looking for a quick way to learn something new.

    And that’s my preference for online learning, whether audio or video. If it’s 5-10 minutes, I’ll remain attentive. Longer than that, it’s tough to stay tuned in.

    Keep writing…

  3. Great topic. I can personally vouch for the astounding quality of the teleclasses – free and for fee at Passion for Business. It is a great resource.

    Other places you can find teleclasses are:

    Many teleclasses offer the class via mp3 download following the class so if the time slot doesn’t jive with yours, you can still get in on the learning (but do miss the personal interaction).