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Today’s Startup Journal (part of the Wall St. Journal online) has a feature on what small business owners can learn from blogs.  I am thrilled that Escape from Cubicle Nation made the list, and invite you to check out the others, some of which I am familiar with, and others that I am eager to check out.  The list includes:

For new readers from the WSJ, here is a sample of writing from this blog to give you a taste of what’s here:

My swan song to corporate consulting which caused quite a stir for a few days (drew 20,000 hits and 400 incoming links the first 2 days .. a record for this blog!)
Open letter to CXOs across the corporate world

Follow up letter to corporate employees:
Open letter to employees across the corporate world

Managing your life topics if you are or are considering becoming an entrepreneur:
Avoid becoming the stressed-out, overworked entrepreneur
Overwhelmed with too much to do?  Outsource everything possible

Building your business and networking:
How to avoid fright-inducing link sharing and networking techniques
How can you find great mentors?
How do you introduce yourself?

Developing the mindset of an entrepreneur:
5 ways to get out of “job” mentality when starting a business
Here is a picture of my 10 million dollar yacht

Overcoming fears:
Is there a sure-fire way to know if your new business will be a success?
Is starting a small business impossible if you are the sole income earner in your family?
Why is it so scary to go from corporate drone to entrepreneur?

Finally, a popular post on operating in a global environment that has excellent tips from readers in the comments section:
How not to be a cultural knucklehead in a global business world

Welcome new readers, and thank you to all of you who have frequented and contributed to this blog!

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  1. I’m kinda bummed out didn’t make it in this list. We help entrepreneur find the right franchise by guiding them through the process. Oh well, maybe next year 🙂