Escape from Cubicle Nation Radio 3/16: Rich Sloan of Startup Nation

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This week’s radio show is with guest Rich Sloan, co-founder of Startup Nation.

We are going to talk about how to avoid the overwhelm of 1,001 details in your head when you think about starting your own business.  Rich will share some of his own interesting and inspiring entrepreneurial background, and give tips on what works for organizing your business planning process.

He is one of my favorite people – very enthusiastic, authentic and extremely knowledgeable.  If you have a question, don’t be shy!  Call in!  1-866-472-5790

Show details:

Date:  Friday, March 16
Time:  11am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Topic:  Where to begin?  Key launching points for starting a new business
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Thanks in advance for tuning in!  And if you miss the show and want to listen later, you can access it via the "Click here" link above.  I believe shows are posted either the same day or the day immediately following the live broadcast. 

2 Responses to “Escape from Cubicle Nation Radio 3/16: Rich Sloan of Startup Nation”

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  2. robert says:

    This will be a goodie. Looking forward to it.

    Can we email questions?