Know any deserving single Mom entrepreneurs who could use free marketing info?

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John Jansch of Duct Tape Marketing, arguably the best small business marketing site out there, just informed me that he was conducting a search for 25 deserving single Mom entrepreneurs who would like a free copy of his upcoming book.  It all came about after an email he received from a reader:

"I am interested in buying your book but being a single mom of two young kids (attempting to start a business while working full time and going back to school in January), I can’t splurge on anything for myself right before the holidays."

I was raised by a single Mom and know it is not an easy haul!  So if you are a wonder woman single Mom entrepreneur yourself, or know one who is, please let John know by sending an email

His new book is called Duct Tape Marketing and you can pre-order copies today.  If you have been following his work for awhile like I have, you will know that he has very concrete, practical ways for setting up effective small business marketing systems.  There is a lot of hype out there in the sales and marketing world, and John is The Real Thing, in my humble opinion.

One Response to “Know any deserving single Mom entrepreneurs who could use free marketing info?”

  1. Tamara A Winger says:

    I am a single mom trying to start an all natural organic home cleaning business. I have struggled like most single mom with unemployment, homelessness, and earning a livable wage. I believe the way to these problems is starting my own company to provide for my children and give me the time I need to spend with them. I would love to have the access to you the information your book contains to allow me to market my business that will allow me to increase this wonderful service.