Favorite Things deadline Tues 11/28 and Free Escape call 12/6

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I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I wanted to share a couple of reminders today.

Promote your product or service!

My Pam’s Favorite Things contest deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday November 28 at whatever time I fall asleep (usually about midnight Mountain Time U.S. (GMT -7).  I encourage you or your entrepreneurial loved ones to submit a favorite gift product for consideration.  If you missed the original post with a description of the contest and guidelines, here it is.

And although a few people have scolded me for contributing to the mass hysteria that we call the holiday shopping season, I have received lots of very creative, interesting and inspiring product submissions created by people just like you and me, looking to make a living doing work they love.  I know not everyone celebrates Christmas or New Years on Jan 1, but often it is a time of year when relatives get together and it is nice to bring a gift along.  My business is promoting small businesses, so I leave it to your good ethics and creative minds to not come up with mindless, consumerist drivel.  We will leave that up to the large companies.

Free Escape from Cubicle Nation Teleconference Call on December 6

For the past couple of months, I have been hosting free conference calls on the first Wednesday of the month and inviting blog readers and podcast listeners to join in and share what is on their mind.  Some have been large groups and some very small, but we always have a good time discussing issues and challenges about starting a small business and finding ways to support and encourage each other.  The next call is:

Wednesday, December 6
8-9pm Eastern Standard Time (5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 2am London!)
To sign up, send a blank email to dec6teleclass@aweber.com

I have been playing around with the times a bit to make sure I don’t leave anyone out who can’t participate during work hours.  My U.K. friends got shorted this time, but hopefully some others can join that weren’t able to before. 

To make sure that I am not spamming you, you *must* reply to the confirmation message you get after signing up.  It will come from me – pcs (at) ganas (dot) com and the subject will be "Confirm your request for information from dec6teleclass"  Just follow the simple instructions in the email and you will verify your sign-up and receive the call-in details.

If you can’t make it for whatever reason, I will record the call and share it with those that sign up.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

One Response to “Favorite Things deadline Tues 11/28 and Free Escape call 12/6”

  1. Katelyn says:

    This strikes me as a wonderful way to encourage creative enterprise, and thus to encourage meaningful consumption. That’s the good kind!

    I wrote a blog post on this very topic — meaningful consumption — on Friday. You can read it here if you’re interested: http://katelynsack.com/visiopoetics/?p=34

    Now I must work on my submission to this lovely contest… Thank you for making this available, Pam!