Escape Podcast: The customer likeability factor

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A conversation with a client last week got me obsessing about ways to further support and encourage him in his entrepreneurial endeavors.  And as I spent more and more time thinking about it, I had a deep insight:

The fact that I care so much about this client is a great clue that I am in the right business!

It  led me to create this week’s podcast episode:  The customer likeability factor.  The description:

Knowing what business to start is a huge question for many aspiring entrepreneurs.  Aside from examining your own passions and interests, you can gain great insight into this question by thinking about your ideal customer in the following dimensions:

1. Who would I genuinely like to work with?  What characteristics do they share?

2. What impact would my product or service have on their life?  How does it feel to know I am having a positive impact?

3. How would I feel talking about my business with these customers?

How has this factor impacted your business decisions?  I would love to know.

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2 Responses to “Escape Podcast: The customer likeability factor”

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  2. I think the customer likeability factor is a great exercise! It’s one of those practical realities that is often overlooked when contemplating a potential career. I spent 15 years in corporate jobs–some were tragic misfits for me–and others not. Part of starting my own business was assessing what I was really good at and what I loved to do.

    In case you are interested, I took a series of tests from I tell everyone about them because they are wonderful at digging below the surface for other “practical realities” of work environments and how well they might fit. It was a piece of the puzzle, just as your wonderful “customer likeability factor” is! I, too, share a passion for helping people pick careers that will use their talents and make them happy. Glad you are out there, Pamela!