Ready for some fun? Submit your product for 'Pam's Favorite Things 2006'

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I can’t stop from cracking up at my hubris even when writing the title to this post, which makes me want to write it even more.  Oprah be damned, I am taking this entrepreneurial bull by the horns.

I had a very fun brainstorm today while talking to my very creative friend Marilyn on the phone:

Why not ask my readers to submit their products for a Pam’s Favorite Things feature post in anticipation of the spending spree we call the holiday season?  I often wonder what I can do for you readers to further expand your business growth, get the word out about your products, provide support and encouragement and help you break into new markets.  Instead of spending our hard earned holiday dollars this year at behemoth companies like Nordstrom, Walmart and Toys-R-Us, why don’t we direct them towards our sister-en and brethren who are working hard to build a business?

This seems like a really fun way to get a little friendly competition going and generate some buzz for our shared mission here at Escape from Cubicle Nation which is to promote liberation and creativity through new business ventures.

So here goes …

The process:

  • From now (November 15) until November 28, send me an email with the subject line "Pam’s Favorite Things Submission" and tell me about your product, why you think it would be a great gift, and how you got your start as an entrepreneur. Send it to pcs (at) ganas (dot) com.
  • I will sift through the piles of excellent entries and choose the Top 10 to be included in the post to be published here on December 1.
  • Feel free to spread the word to other creative entrepreneurs who want to join in the fun.

Basic guidelines:

  • Submissions should be for products that one would actually consider giving to someone else for the holidays.  If you are a Java programmer, a package of 10 free programming hours may not be the ideal gift for this contest.  Then again, I guess it depends on who is on your list.  I look forward to your descriptions of why your product should be on the list as much as a description of what it is.
  • Please, no bigger companies disguising themselves as smaller companies.  What I want to promote here are examples of people who have crossed the great chasm from corporate drone to kick-ass entrepreneur and have some great products to show for it that would make fun, valuable, interesting and off-beat presents.
  • No need to send samples unless it is high-quality chocolate or coffee.  Then I must sample it to ensure it is as good as you say it is.  I am not running this contest to subvert my own holiday shopping by getting a bunch of your freebies, although now that I think about it, that is an excellent idea.  Ever hear of "re-gifting?"  Seriously, don’t worry about samples.

Oprah can promise overnight millionaires by her "recommendations" … I may generate enough sales by my recommendations to help you pay for the postage on the gifts you ship to your relatives.

But I guarantee you one thing – it will be fun!  Please join in.

8 Responses to “Ready for some fun? Submit your product for 'Pam's Favorite Things 2006'”

  1. yash says:

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  2. Kelly says:

    This may be outdated (sorry) but I really fell in love with Arbonne skin care.
    It’s pure, natural, something for everyone. I do have samples for people to try, “see”

    It’s pure, natural and balanced and works.
    They do not use any animal testing or products and it’s formulated in Switzerland, sold in the US/Canada.

  3. Lip-Sticking says:

    The Human Project: Who’s in Charge?

    I could probably update this blog every hour – if I only had the time. There is so much out there, on the net, in the news, as part of a forum or discussion, all pertaining to women and marketing, and marketing to women (yes, I slip that phrase in a lo…

  4. Bill says:

    Hi Pam,

    This should appease the “live with less” readers. My wife and I have openeed a 100% Non-Toxic, environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning. Our process is wet cleaning and is now available on a limited basis in the US.

    Entrepreneur wanabees should research their local markets to see if wet cleaning facilities have arrived. The opportunity meets many of your criteria: Green technology, an industry having to re-invent itself (political–Legislation in place in virtually every state to phase out traditional dry cleaning solvent And social–Practically every shopping center and/or street corner has a cleaners (Dry cleaners are one of the most common neighborhood polluters) and residents want to keep their local environment healthy.

    To The Idea! Gift Certificates for Wet Cleaning. *Generate awareness that a common prcatice need not be hazardous to people or the earth. **Reward forward thinking dry cleaners for doing the right thing instead of sticking to a toxic method their fathers and grandfathers used. ***Nothing new is added to the world, in fact, there will be less. Less chemical used, less energy consumed, and less need for future raw materials–clothes last longer when cleaned with this method!

    If one choses to do this, please patronize the cleaners that wet clean exclusively, instead of doing it on demand only, for maximum global impact (Or lack of it!)

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    Pam, I’d be happy to send you electronic documents of both tips booklets as my holiday gift to you. They are available in hard copy form for $10 for the pair or $8 for the downloadables that can be enjoyed immediately.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  6. Peter says:


    Thanks. I appretiate your reply. And being a parent certainly adds a new focus to how we walk upon the earth. I look forward to the day when all business acknowledges both its up-stream and down-stream impacts. The day will come when business is mindful of such things. That will be a good day.

    Be well,

  7. Working Solo says:

    Pam Slims Favourite Things

    Pamela Slim, of Escape From Cubicle Nation fame, is having some end of year fun. She is putting a twist on Oprahs annual Favourite Things show and having her own version called, of course, Pams Favourite Things 2006&…

  8. Peter says:


    Here is my submission;

    We have to start living with less! Otherwise our children will have nowhere to live! Please stop the promotion of materialism!


    Hi Peter!

    I second your emotion! I don’t intend to promote useless, resource-grabbing products, but rather thoughtful, creative and practical things that my blog readers have worked hard to bring to market. I am in the business of business, which involves buying and selling things … but I appreciate your focus on sustainability. As a Mom, I appreciate that!

    All the best,