If you don't feel like reading, listen to me gab on Lifestyle CEO Radio

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This link just in … the recording from an interview I did on Monday with Donna Maria Coles Johnson from Lifestyle CEO.  It is a whole hour and we covered a lot of territory about how to leave your corporate job and start a business.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!

P.S.  You will probably notice that I said the word "exactly" about 13,000 times.  It seems when I get rid of one "tick of speech"  (before it was "um") then another pops up.  I swear I won’t ever say that word again on a radio or tv interview.  Please forgive me.

P.P.S.  And for those of you who feel like reading more, here is a written interview I did with Matthew Scott  of The Life’s Work Group Inc.

3 Responses to “If you don't feel like reading, listen to me gab on Lifestyle CEO Radio”

  1. robert says:

    Please host your own show. You are a natural and you can interview those CXOs and ex corporate staffers who are new entrepreneurs.

    It’ll be great. DO IT!


    Thanks Robert!

    I am planning on starting a podcast in August, so thanks for the encouraging nudge!


  2. Micki says:

    Congrats on the radio interview, that had to have been a fun experience. I forgive you if I can be forgiven consistenty using the word “OBviously”. How obviously annoying.

    I appreciate the blog.


    Thanks Micki!

    OBVIOUSLY, I forgive EXACTLY the amount of times you use your tick of speech!


  3. kareem says:

    Is this available as an MP3 download? Would love to listen to this on the go on my iPod…