Cricket: 10 Pam: 0

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Cricket Although this has nothing to do with growing a business, I have to share that a cricket has gotten the better of me.  For the last 10 nights, it has loudly serenaded me from its secure location under the lining of our couch downstairs. 

I usually work late at night in my upstairs office after my son goes to bed. I find it a bit difficult to concentrate with the raucous cricket music blasting up the stairs.  Maybe this is just preparation for when Josh becomes a teenager.

I think my biggest problem is wounded pride.  I am known in my household as the "cricket whisperer" since I have an uncanny knack for silently hunting them down, safely scooping them in a cup and freeing them outside.  We have lots of crickets here in Phoenix, and they sneak in every time you open the front door.

Every time I have donned my warrior cap and stealthly gone after this cricket, it has evaded my capture.

So if anyone has any non-invasive cricket-capturing techniques, I would love to hear them.

7 Responses to “Cricket: 10 Pam: 0”

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  2. michaele says:

    Confession time–I usually just smash them with a phone book or shoe or whatever is handy. I have a rotating overnight shift at work and believe me, at 3-4AM you just want to hunt down the cricket and silence it…

    who’s the real sadist anyway? you or that cricket with it’s incessant chirping?!

    I like Marilyn’s method too BTW-instead of rubbing alcohol, you might try Lysol or some sort of spray cleaner…

  3. What if you poured a bit of rubbing alcohol down in the couch lining. The smell might make the little bugger flee and it wouldn’t leave any residue?

    It’s what I use.

    Your bud,


  4. Chuck Beretz says:

    Get yourself a leopard gecko: they eat crickets! We have one as a pet.

  5. Pamela Slim says:

    Thanks Ross and Vladimir!

    I would prefer to take the critter out alive and happy, so while glue traps are an excellent suggestion, I think I will go for the food in open area suggestion. I also have a 14-month old son who gets into everything, so you can only imagine what he would do with a glue trap.

    Perhaps this cricket is just testing my ability to stay relaxed and focused in stressful conditions. 🙂

  6. glue traps may be contrary to the author’s philosophy. Why don’t you find out what crickets eat and put some out in a semi-open area?

  7. Ross says:

    Glue traps work great. Place several in tight areas. Be careful not to fall on one though, lest you have to yank one off your calf or forearm.