Would you publish your personal story if you knew it would help others?

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bookcoverIt is the end of the month already, and that means that I have just published my latest issue of Get a Life called Would you publish your personal story if you knew it would help others? It profiles the wonderful story of the creative and dynamic Glenda Watson Hyatt who is writing her autobiography I’ll Do It Myself:  A Collection of Memories from a Woman Living with Cerebral Palsy .

Glenda told me that she was inspired to write the book so that she could share lessons she has learned with others living with Cerebral Palsy (CP), as well as their extended families, and even potential employers.  I think that her audience goes far beyond that, as the way she lives her life is a great example for all of us that confront challenges in our lives.

She is still looking for a publisher, so if you have any connections, please let her know!

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3 Responses to “Would you publish your personal story if you knew it would help others?”

  1. be the story says:

    Would you tell your story to help others?

    Pam Stewart, er, I mean, Pam Slim from the Escape from Cubicle Nation blog posted a link to her interview with Glenda Watson Hyatt regarding her autobiography, Ill Do It Myself.
    Whats with that title? you ask?
    Well, Glend…

  2. Danny Bee says:

    Glenda, good luck with your book, it is an important one. More people need to be aware of your story.

    In a related item, I saw also that “A Man With Muscular Dystrophy Defies Tremendous Odds: Overcomes Quadriplegic Limitations and Goes Scuba Diving” – about Matthew Johnston, a 28 year old man with muscular dystrophy and quadriplegia who spends an hour underwater and realizes his dream of scuba diving. These kinds of stories, like your book, are really inspirational and important!

  3. Thank you for publicizing Glenda’s great upcoming book. I am one of her biggest fans and have read part of the manuscript – it is truly an awe inspiring story of courage and stamina.
    I can’t wait until the whole thing is published.

    Wendy McClelland