Escape Your Cubicle Illustrated Poem

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Ryan_rose_m_2_small  A very kind and encouraging blog reader Danny sent me the link to this illustrated poem by David Henry Newman entitled Escape Your Cubicle.  It really is quite delightful.  I promise it will make you smile.

The author is apparently "a computer geek who spent 5 long years toiling away in various claustrophic cubicles in Tokyo."  The illustrations come from "kids from 25 countries, Japan, USA, Italy, etc., ages 2-12, who sent their works into the Global Children’s Art Gallery."

Thanks for sharing Danny!

One Response to “Escape Your Cubicle Illustrated Poem”

  1. Danny Bee says:

    thanks, pamela. i hope yr readers get a chuckle from the illustrated poem and the kids drawings and maybe even ACT on the advice therein. ESCAPE from their cubicles, if even just in an office daydream!