Valuable PR Advice from a Fortune Insider

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Even if you are starting up a tiny one-person consulting firm or selling a simple product, you should establish yourself as an expert in the eyes of the media.  Suzanne Falter Barnes drummed this into my head as I partook in her Get Known Now class, and now Guy Kawasaki confirms it in his very helpful interview Ten Questions with Adam Lashinsky (Fortune Magazine).

Among the advice Adam dishes:

Q. What’s the most common mistake that companies and their PR firms make when they pitch you?
A. The most common mistake is not having a knowledge of Fortune. You’ve got to know what I’m interested in and cold calling to ask me isn’t the way to find out. You would think that these companies and PR firms would at least read my last few articles. Is that too much to ask?

I am just learning about PR and appreciate getting advice from someone on the receiving end of thousands of grovelling entrepreneurs.

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