Quick and easy way to set up an LLC

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386027_wooden_hammer_1 I am ashamed to admit that I have been in business for almost 10 years and only recently set up my company to be a Limited Liability Company or LLC.  All this time I was operating as a sole proprietor, which almost every lawyer will tell you is not the smartest way to reduce personal liability.  Because I have been a one-woman show with the occasional independent contractor as a partner, I figured my risk wasn’t high.  I always have carried a two million dollar liability insurance policy.  I would joke with clients, "I would have to make a pretty expensive typo to merit a 2 million dollar payout!"  But the reality is you never know these days what can lead to a lawsuit.  An LLC is just one option for choosing your organization structure.  Consult your lawyer to see what is best for you.

What held me back from filing was what I figured would be a long, expensive and gnarly process with a lawyer.  Was I wrong!  I found Legalzoom through my buddies at Startup Nation.  All that is required is a simple web-based questionnaire, electronic payment, and your LLC application is underway!  I got my finished papers in a smart-looking binder, embossed with my company name (Ganas Consulting LLC) all in about a month.  They filed all the necessary paperwork with the state agencies.  I am just responsible for listing the LLC in the newspaper and signing the final contract.

If dread has been keeping you from setting up an LLC, I highly recommend Legalzoom.

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