How does this help my user kick ass?

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Kung_fu_kick Kathy Sierra over at Passionate has the right idea as she explains in excellent detail what we need to keep in mind when developing, producing and marketing our products and services. 

In her post It’s the {?}, stupid! she says, "Do you know what the "comma-stupid" phrase is for your product or service? In other words, do you know what is most meaningful for your users? Because whatever that word or phrase is (i.e. the part that comes before the ", stupid!"), it should be driving everything from product development to documentation to support and marketing. "

Although there is a lot of reference to technological products, her ideas relate to any product or service.

As she explains,

"Some of the most common high-level answers to the "comma-stupid" phrase (and which are forms of "kicking ass") are:

It’s the [user spending more time in flow], stupid!

It’s the [user feeling a sense of belonging], stupid!

It’s the [user having more sex], stupid!

It’s the [user experiencing peace of mind], stupid!

It’s the [user having more fun], stupid!

An example of a NON useful answer might be:

It’s about the [user getting more work done], stupid!"

Right on Kathy, keep reminding us what it is really about!

One Response to “How does this help my user kick ass?”

  1. Kathy Sierra says:

    Thanks Pam! You found the perfect picture for this, too : )