Ready for a provocative book title? How about ‘Dick*less Marketing’?

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Before you get your undies in a bunch about the title of this post, this refers to a book written by the author of the Lipsticking Blog, Yvonne DiVita.  Her blog focuses on smart marketing to women online.  In her recent interview on how to get more traffic to your blog with Andy Wibbels, she encourages us self-employed to be a bit provocative in our blogs and marketing materials.  She admits in the interview that she did take quite a bit of heat for the title of her book, including many folks who assumed it was porn-related.  But boy, did it generate buzz!

After getting slightly red-faced when I read the title of the book in her bio (my first thought was "Damn, this woman is gutsy!") I just cracked up, especially when I read further and understood the double-entendre.

Sometimes when marketing our businesses, we get so afraid of offending anyone that we come up with tremendously ridiculous names like "Strategic Marketing Strategies for Women."  I appreciate getting a kick in the pants from Yvonne to get out of my comfort zone and be a little more cheeky in my online presence.

For the record, on her blog she assumes the female character of Jane, who personifies the female online shopper of today.  So her book is actually referring to the absence of Dick from Dick and Jane advertising. 

What did you think she was referring to?

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