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I am the first person to tell you that blogging and podcasting can completely change your business.  It has done gigantic wonders for mine:  brought clients, partners, a book deal, friends, press coverage and intense joy since I love to write so much. This is not to say that it is not hard sometimes to […]

My original and only business plan for my company was based on a Dr. Suess book.  I wish I were kidding. Owning up to my liberal arts major and rebellious roots, I didn’t think I needed a "real" plan.  And, for the most part, I did fine for a decade, securing lots of clients and […]

I get a lot of questions about blogging from people who are considering starting a business and are new to the social media world.  So does my friend Nathan Bowers, who is a web developer by trade, and also an artist/musician and all-around renaissance guy.  Nathan and I connected on Twitter recently and started a […]

When I taught teenagers martial arts, I spent a lot of time in San Francisco’s Mission district.  A lively Latino neighborhood, it was filled with activity, twelve kinds of chili peppers in outdoor markets, loud music and killer restaurants.  It was also home to two gangs:  the norteños and sureños.  Each wore their designated color […]

Thanks to Chris Wilson from The Marketing Fresh Peel, I found this gem on branding from a clear eye: Who am I?  What is my brand?Me.What is my promise, personality, and positioning?Me. Me.What do I want to say?  How should I say it?Me. Me. Me.If only I can get the details right.  If only I […]

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