Hello SMAZ friends, and welcome to my home base!

I hope you enjoyed the presentation today, and got some new ideas for spreading the buzz on social media while you are speaking.

Do you know my very favorite resources on speaking?

Garr Reynolds (@presentationzen)  who has written 3 great books on presentation design:

  • Presentation Zen
  • Presentation Zen Design
  • The Naked Presenter

Find all his books here.

Nancy Duarte (@nancyduarte), CEO of Duarte, an amazing design firm in Silicon Valley. Nancy has written 2 great books:

  • Slideology
  • Resonate
Find all of Nancy’s books here, and watch her talk about the power of a well-crafted presentation in this TEDx talk (direct link here):

Nick Morgan (@DrNickMorgan), a presentation coach who has written great books on presentation:

  •  Give Your Speech, Change the World
  • Trust Me
Find all of Nick’s books here.
Finally, here are the slides from my presentation today.
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Do you have any suggestions for how to help spread the buzz in live presentations? I would love to hear them! Please add in the comments below.
To your success,