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Power Teaching

What do you remember most from high school?

Bell bottoms?

Bad hair?

Chemistry experiments gone terribly wrong?


Grabbing a kiss behind the bleachers?

I hope that each one of you also remembers a special teacher or principal that inspired you to become passionate for English or Science or Algebra or Band.

My favorite musician/activist (and expert side hustler) John Legend says:

“Every successful person you can think of was at one point motivated, encouraged, and enlightened by great teachers; even if it doesn’t happen in a classroom, everyone needs mentors to help them succeed in life.”

The best thing you can do to be a great businessperson is to be a great teacher.

This will translate into:

  • Strong relationships
  • Repeat sales
  • A flood of referrals
  • Lasting impact

I want to make you a better teacher.

Here is how, in Power Teaching:

  1. Bring your idea for a class or workshop. It can be anything from how to change your own motor oil, how to reduce stress, how to take a great picture, how to eat gluten-free or how to drive more traffic to your blog.
  2. Spend 30 days (August 1-30) learning tips, tricks and expert methods to structure the content and communicate it to your audience in a way that will cement their learning and have them singing your praises to the rooftops.
  3. Be prepared to LAUNCH your mini class at the end of September. Yes, you read that right. One of the principles of adult learning is that adults learn much more effectively when they apply what they are learning in a real-life environment. Your mini-course can be a one-hour, one-day, in-person, online or a combination class. It can be for free, as a list-building or business development tool, or a paid class. The class can be for five of your closest friends and neighbors, or for 50 potential clients. All I care about is that you are committed to getting something shipped in the 4th Quarter of 2012.
  4. I will do a blog post round-up in mid-September with a listing of all the courses that are ready to go. You will feel my wonderful blog readers’ support, and get feedback from people all over the globe.

Who is this challenge for?

  • Business owners of all stripes
  • Corporate employees who manage others, or who need to educate customers or peers as part of your job
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Anyone who sees teaching as a core strategy for building audience, building income and building impact

Ready to get started with Power Teaching?

Ultimate Power Pack Basics


Level One: Power Teaching Basics

Power Teaching Basics includes:

1. 4 Complete Audio Lessons

There’s no fluff here! The four core classes will take you from course idea to final design, including:

  • How to define clear and compelling objectives
  • How to choose just the right content from a mass of ideas
  • How to chunk content down into lessons
  • How to deliver ideas using a big variety of tools and exercises
  • How to reinforce learning
  • How to engage your audience in the learning process
  • How to choose the right medium for your class (phone, classroom, webinar, membership site)


  • 2-hour Q&A call open to all Power Teaching students on August 15 where you can ask questions about material covered in the modules. If you cannot attend live, you can submit your questions in advance and Pam will record the answers.
  • Small group LIVE feedback sessions about your individual course, so you can get very specific recommendations and a professional critique of your class design. We will schedule a few of these to make sure everyone gets done by the first week of September.


I want to help get the word out about your classes.

  • In mid-September 2012 I will do a blog post listing all of the great classes that you offer. Even if your audience is the neighbors who live on either side of you in your cul-de-sac, your course description will get exposure to others who may want to buy this course from you in a different format.
  • Does that make you a little nervous? Good. I mean good, in a good way, not in the “I am glad you are nervous!” way. If you don’t feel a little heat to get your course done, you will not do it. Just ask the 300 people who have gone through the course with me  — accountability to get the course done was a HUGE factor in the success rate of completed classes.


Participants will have access to a private Facebook group where you can share ideas, ask questions and request feedback about your classes with your peers. It was one of the highlights of the first Power Teaching course, and you will join the alumni of the former classes in this dynamic group.

5. BONUS INSIGHT from some of the brightest minds of the world

Daniel Pink shares what he learned researching and writing bestsellers A Whole New Mind and Drive and how that relates to creating powerful and effective classes.

Seth Godin shares insight about what makes great teachers.

Nancy Duarte shares insight into the power of storytelling in great teaching, and how it can help people change the world.

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Level 2: Power Teaching Power Pack

Power Teaching Power Pack includes everything in Level 1:

  • 4 core Power Teaching modules
  • 2-hour Q&A call with Pam on  August 15 (if you cannot attend live, you can submit questions in advance)
  • Personal feedback from Pam in a small group setting
  • Inclusion on the blog post announcing classes
  • Participation in the private Power Teaching group

PLUS: Master classes on pricing and promotion from three of the brightest minds in the world of business

This brand new level of Power Teaching addresses a key question that many past Power Teaching students have asked:

Once I create my class, how do I price it and promote it so that it fills up?

I have enlisted three people who I consider master teachers.

How to Launch and Promote

Chris Guillebeau has built a rock-solid reputation and a thriving online business. The author of two bestselling books, The Art of Nonconformity and $100 Startup, Chris has had tremendous success online, because of his stellar planning and smart launch tactics.

His live event the World Domination Summit sells out in a matter of minutes, and he has thousands of people on the waitlist.

When we co-taught the $100 Business Forum, the first class sold out in 90 minutes.

His Unconventional Guides and Travel Hacking Cartel businesses are powerful financial engines that allow him to travel to every county of the world, while serving thousands of entrepreneurs.

In the Master Class with Chris Guillebeau, we will discuss:

  • The fundamentals of building an audience for your class
  • How to select an enticing promise that you can deliver to your audience
  • The components of a compelling offer
  • Key elements of a successful and strategic launch

Strategic Pricing

Ramit Sethi has gone from part-time college blogger to multi-million dollar web entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author of his book I Will Teach You to be Rich, and media personality. His blog iwillteachyoutoberich.com has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and his courses consistently fill with thousands of students. I consider Ramit the king of research, since he does extensive analysis before launching classes or programs.

In this master class on Strategic Pricing with Ramit, we will discuss:

  • The psychology of pricing
  • How to test prices with your market
  • How to not let emotion overtake market data
  • How to choose the perfect price for your class

Writing Sales Letters That Sell

Sonia Simone is Senior Editor of Copyblogger, the recognized authority for how to sell online. She has been the force behind multiple 6-figure launches, and is a founding member of Teaching Sells and Inside Third Tribe Marketing.

  • In this master class, Sonia will discuss:
  • The true purpose of a sales page
  • The key elements of an effective sales page
  • Critical formatting elements that can make or break a page
  • Key words that help people build enough trust to push the “buy” button
  • Manipulative tactics to avoid
  • The appropriate way to structure refund policies and guarantees

All 3 Master Classes will include complete edited transcripts.

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Level Three: Power Teaching Ultimate

Power Teaching Plus includes everything in Level 1 and Level 2:

  • 4 core Power Teaching modules
  • 2-hour Q&A call with Pam on  August 15 (if you cannot attend live, you can submit questions in advance)
  • Personal feedback from Pam in a small group setting
  • Inclusion on the blog post announcing classes
  • Participation in the private Power Teaching group
  • Master class with Chris Guillebeau on creating a profitable class launch
  • Master class with Ramit Sethi on strategic pricing
  • Master class with Sonia Simone on writing sales letters that sell

PLUS: One hour private coaching call with Pam where she will go over class design and marketing plan in detail.

What better way to complete your Power Teaching training than by having me personally look over your project and provide insight and direction? Join me for a 1-on-1 coaching call that will allow me to look over your work and answer your specific questions.

The call will be recorded for future reference.

Click here to reserve your spot in Power Teaching Ultimate for $497. (Limited to 20 participants)

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Why me?

Teaching is in my DNA.

I. love. it.

The first 10 years of my consulting practice, I was paid very healthy sums of money to design courses for companies like Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard. All modesty aside (this is a sales letter after all!), I was great at what I did and got fantastic reviews from both my corporate clients and the actual participants.

I have been an expert teacher in the online world for a long time with people like Martha Beck, Suzanne Falter-Barns and Chris Guillebeau.

I taught martial arts for 10 years for everyone from preschoolers to 70-year old Bohemians.

Most importantly, teaching has been at the heart of my successful speaking, coaching and consulting business since I started Escape from Cubicle Nation six years ago. It has allowed me to have a rich and interesting practice while taking care of the family I love so much.

Teaching you how to teach is part of my legacy, and I take it seriously.


Here is what participants from the live class have said:

Pam’s amazing course not only taught me how to design my first online class but also was delivered in a way where I was ready and motivated to launch my class by the end of it! I was hoping to fill 25 slots but I actually have 32 paid participants who have told me week after week how thrilled they are with the class. I owe it all to what I learned from Pam. It was definitely an investment in which I have seen a bigger return then I could have imagined! – Rachel Rodgers, www.rachelrodgerslaw.com
Wow! Pam has a way of teaching without creating overwhelm in the learner’s mind. She followed her own course design rules so closely that as she taught, you actually experienced the ideas. Simply brilliant. I got the missing pieces I was seeking and am confident that my new class and those that follow will give my customers/clients a valuable learning experience. – Yolanda A. Facio, www.RedHotMomentum.com
… one most important result was four straight weeks of focus on my course. I don’t think I would have been able to really focus like that without the Power Teaching class. After spending 4 weeks with you in the Power Teaching course, I will be investing with you via your other products/services in the future! – Antonina Geer, www.simplisticfinancials.com
Well, this morning a company asked me to conduct the class I created in Power Teaching for their supervisors and managers. A paying client is a pretty big result for me! Plus, I now have a framework I can use to create future classes. I would recommend Power Teaching without hesitation. Pam is an awesome teacher: great at both the big picture overview, conceptual side as well as the nit-picky stuff you need to consider when creating and teaching a class. Plus, there was a cool surprise every week! – Laura Wolfe, www.cultivatecc.com

Great teachers

  1. Know how people learn. They customize their content to maximize learning.
  2. Use a variety of teaching methods. They mix auditory, visual and kinesthetic activities to help participants maintain knowledge.
  3. Do not drone on and on. They know how to mix lecture and activity for maximum learning and engagement.
  4. Are passionate about their subject matter. They inspire their students, and create lifelong fans and advocates.
  5. Deliver. They do not care about making a quick, empty buck, they care about delivering lasting value to their customers.


Level One: Power Teaching Basics – $97

  • 4 core modules
  • Q&A call
  • Individual feedback in small group setting
  • Access to private class forum

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Level Two: Power Teaching Power Pack – $197

  • 4 core modules
  • Q&A call
  • Individual feedback in small group setting
  • Access to private class forum
  • Master Class with Chris Guillebeau (with edited transcript)
  • Master Class with Ramit Sethi (with edited transcript)
  • Master Class with Sonia Simone (with edited transcript)

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Level Three: Power Teaching Ultimate – $497

  • 4 core modules
  • Q&A call
  • Individual feedback in small group setting
  • Access to private class forum
  • Master Class with Chris Guillebeau (with edited transcript)
  • Master Class with Ramit Sethi (with edited transcript)
  • Master Class with Sonia Simone (with edited transcript)
  • One hour private coaching call with Pam where she will go over class design and marketing plan in detail. The call will be recorded for future reference.

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Talk soon!


Frequently asked questions

  1. When are the main classes?The core teaching modules are in digital format, so you can complete them at your own pace. We recommend completing one module a week, so you are prepared for the LIVE call with Pam on August 15. The individual feedback calls will be scheduled in the first week of September, with Pam’s assistant Sheila.
  2. What if I don’t have any idea what to teach?This may not be the best class for you. But if you have many ideas about a particular subject, this course will help you narrow them down into specific course content.
  3. What if I have no list yet?No problem. Teaching a great introductory class is a fantastic way to build your list, and we will talk about this when discussing ways to promote your class.
  4. What if I have never taught anything in an online environment?Then you can learn how! And if you just want to teach in-person courses, all the lessons apply.