Module 2 – Legal Agreements

Ask our legal expert Kyle Durand how much he has earned in the past few years mediating ill-defined partnerships and helping clients out of tax messes and you will understand the massive importance of setting up clear legal agreements and financial systems.

This lesson walks you through the very specific things you need to take care of on the legal side to ensure all partners are protected. As Kyle often says, clear legal agreements not only make you safe, they free you up to create great work.

  • Simple but critical legal agreements for intellectual property and business structure
  • Top legal traps to avoid when setting up a partnership
  • How to have productive discussions about exit strategy – what will you do when one or both of you want to leave?
  • Protecting yourself and your partner against legal liability in any form

Special Guest: Kyle Durand, post-doctorate tax attorney, former Navy JAG, Iraq Veteran and founder of, the one-stop shop for painless legal agreements. Kyle is @kpdurand on Twitter.


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