Module 1 – Power Start

Let’s get started! This first lesson will give you a very solid foundation for choosing the right partners, and setting up things the right way once you get rolling. Specifically you will:

  • Define the specific skills, values, strengths and experience that you are looking for in a potential partner
  • Create criteria for making the very tough decision about whom to entrust with your business name and reputation
  • Talk about what you both need to do to make the relationship mutually beneficial
  • How to spot red flags quickly and exit gracefully — and without legal mess

Special Guest: Michele Woodward, Career Strategist and Executive Director of the bi-partisan Reagan Centennial Commission. Michele is @michelewoodward on Twitter and her site is

Module 1 – Power Start Audio

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Supplementary Audio – Real conversation between Pam and Desiree, using the partnership guidelines

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Module 1 – Power Start Handout

Module 1 Visual Map