Intensive, In-Person Strategy Sessions with Pam


Do you have some really big goals for the next 12 months, but don’t know exactly how to make them happen?

Do you want hands-on input and advice on your career or business  that results in a concrete plan?

Do you have an idea for a book, or series of content that you want to flesh out in detail?

Do you want to explore the thread that ties your story together, and plan ways to communicate it through your personal and company brand?

You may be ready for an in-person intensive strategy session with Pam.

Why In-Person Intensives?

I have worked with hundreds of people in virtual coaching sessions. I have also worked with scores of people in retreats and group settings.

Both can be really effective for moving plans along, or learning concepts, frameworks or skills.

But certain work calls for in-person, intensive discussion and planning. The kind of work that demands flipcharts plastered on walls, passionate discussion of ideas, and heart to heart conversations about what you really want. Time spent building real, concrete plans that you can refer to all year.

This is why I am excited to offer a limited amount of intensive in-person strategy sessions.



The beautiful lobby of the Wild Horse Pass resort, on the Gila River Reservation 15 minutes from the Phoenix airport

What is included:

  1. Day-long intensive strategy session with Pam, from 8am – 5pm
  2. Assistant for note-taking and research (Sheila, or fabulous equivalent)
  3. One night stay in the peaceful and luxurious Wild Horse Pass Hotel (20 minutes from the Phoenix airport) (You are free to bring a guest who can hang out by the pool while we work)
  4. Breakfast, lunch and dinner

How the process works:

  1.  You book the session by placing a deposit.
  2. We send you a detailed questionnaire about exactly what you want to accomplish, and what information we should review before the intensive day (if you would rather talk it out with Sheila, she can call you and take notes on what you want to accomplish).
  3. Sheila will follow up to lock down a date, help with travel logistics, and orient you toward the day.
  4. Payment is due in full before the session begins.
  5. We work the heck out of the day, and come up with a powerful plan that you can use to frame your body of work for the next 12 months.

Common topics tackled in strategy sessions include:

  • Mapping out specific deliverables and creating an implementation plan
  • Answer questions like what are you doing and what would you like to be doing?
  • Planning and prioritizing plans so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start building your body of work
  • Sorting through different marketing strategies and choosing the idea that makes the most sense for you and your business
  • How to build and grow your personal brand that will open the door to more opportunities and increased impact
  • Defining specific marketing tactics to grow the market for your service and expertise
  • Identifying specific resources to help you launch quicker and more efficiently (Pam has an amazing web of contacts and connections and is not shy to share it)
  • Defining the characteristics of the partners/mentors/High Council of Jedi Knights that you need to have around you to succeed on your own, and making a plan to hook up with them.

How to Register

Cost: $3500 – secure your spot by placing a deposit. Place your $1000 deposit here

We will send you another link to make the final $2500 payment along with some questions to get started.


  • Day-long intensive strategy session with Pam, from 8am – 5pm
  • Assistant for note-taking and research (Sheila, or fabulous equivalent)
  • One night stay in the peaceful and luxurious Wild Horse Pass Hotel (20 minutes from the Phoenix airport) (You are free to bring a guest who can hang out by the pool while we work)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

After your purchase, Sheila will be in touch to begin preparations for your accommodations here in Phoenix. You are responsible for your own air and ground transportation.
Sessions may be used any time within 12 months of the purchase date.


Hit up Sheila at or call 480-455-1441.

I can’t wait to get started!