Ethical Selling That Works

Is there proof ethical selling really exists?

Or is it just a comforting idea some people invented to help themselves sleep better at night?

I think it does exist.

I ran a profitable consulting business for years. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about how to get clients.

One day, after I’d transitioned into coaching, a client gave me some feedback.

You know, Pam, at first I was afraid you didn’t want to work with me. When you told me to take my time and look at some other coaches before deciding, I wondered if you were just trying to let me down gently.

This was my great sales awakening.

By falling all over myself to avoid selling, I’d been sending a sales message that wasn’t even true.

I realized if I had to study the sales process after years in business, other entrepreneurs could probably use some help, too.

Now that I’m clear on the process, I really enjoy selling.

In December 2010, I created a live course for about 100 entrepreneurs–talented writers, graphic designers, creatives, consultants, software developers, coaches, social entrepreneurs.

People who started out worried their sales were showing came away looking forward to their next conversation.

They got new clients, closed more business and gained confidence.

Introducing Ethical Selling That Works

Now these tools and processes have been re-recorded as a four-module self-study course. The course is designed to show you how selling your services can feel as clean, clear, and natural as the way you deliver them.

This course is structured so you can listen, watch, and apply it.

No sitting through theory. No waiting for the next installment. No upsells.


Let’s take that creative part of you–the part that longs to connect with people and to solve problems–and let’s give it a job to do.

  • Listen to 4 complete audio lessons, with practical, pragmatic, non-slimy tools to increase your pipeline of interested clients, sales conversations, and closes.


Let’s put some structures and processes around the way you already are–so you can get more high-value clients in a way that feels natural.

  • Watch  supplementary videos in which I add context and tools to the concepts discussed in each module. Think of it as having coffee with me after class.
  • Print 4 beautiful visual maps of each module’s content and post them on your wall–so you don’t get lost in a sea of your own notes.


Let’s give your panic button a nice, long sabbatical.

  • Download 4 handouts with clear homework assignments and worksheets of specific steps so you can apply what you’ve learned. (This is where the real magic happens!)

If you believe in what you do—but you don’t believe in sales, you’re not a lost cause.

7 phrases you will never hear yourself say
(after completing this course):
  1. “I’m just checking in, following up on my proposal from 2 weeks ago. Did you still want to hire me?”
  2. “Sure, I can give you a discount. What’s your budget?”
  3. “This offer is only good today, so let me know now whether you’d like to move forward.”
  4. “Hi, I’d like to speak to your boss, please. He’s expecting my call…
    Oh? My apologies, she’s expecting my call.”
Here are a few of the things you’ll hear, see, and get to apply to your business:
  • Perfectly sensible things to say to keep prospects from hanging out in Maybe-Land—without you moving to Needy-Land
  • The fundamental steps in the sales process
  • How to define and research your market in very specific and tangible terms
  • How to introduce yourself in a gracious way to someone you really want to know—and work with. (From someone who fondly receives 100 pitches a week–and also sends one from time to time.)
  • Clear seeding techniques to help prospects make a decision while giving them plenty of space
  • Search-based tools and approaches to find where the best clients are hiding, so you can slowly ladder up. (You don’t need to start with the Inc 50.)
  • Non-obvious ways to communicate the value of the product or service you provide–when ROI isn’t relevant.
  • How to create a time-limited offer that doesn’t evoke a false sense of urgency.
  • How to approach “cold” leads in a non-slimy way
  • How to qualify leads so you separate the window shoppers from the truly great potential clients
  • Specific ways to have comfortable conversations with prospective clients—even when you do cold emails and cold calls.
  • When to follow up with prospects–in ways that don’t make it sound like you’re desperate for them to say yes.
  • 3 factors to help you evaluate whether attending a live event will pay for itself
  • How to define and segment your sales funnel (and what a sales funnel is for those of you who don’t know!)
  • How to create successful proposals (even in the form of emails)
  • How to ask for a yes/no decision with confidence
  • How to turn down non-ideal clients without feeling like a weenie
  • How to increase your sales!

This is not a sprint.

If you’ve spent some time with me, then you know I’m instant gratification girl.

Shortcuts, fast results, yes. And on the continuum of results, nothing will grow your business faster than a solid, ethical sales process. Not your blog. Not Twitter. Not even your network—and your network is pretty important.

Consider this your high-powered business fitness training program, so your sales process feels as joyful and meaningful as your work with clients.

Here is what participants from the live class have said:

Through Ethical Selling That Works, I not only learned practical information about the sales process that was directly applicable to my business, but through the class assignments I developed outputs that I now use in my own sales process. Pam’s perfect blend of expertise, experience, and empathy made the class a pleasure. As a result of this class, I no longer dread sales conversations. I now have a process to sell my coaching and consulting services in a way that reflects who I am and feels natural to me – and is getting results!- Shana Montesol Johnson,
“Just the word “selling” used to make me wince but when I saw “ethical” in the title, I couldn’t wait to learn from Pam. And guess what… it DOES work. In just one month I painlessly landed new business worth more than 40 times what I spent on the class. Even better, I’m relaxing and having fun in the sales process for the first time ever. Thank you, Pam!”- Laurie Foley,
“Ethical Selling That Works deals with a challenge that can be confusing and bewildering. Pam Slim lights the way with an easy to follow framework and principles that make sense. Once we learned the process we closed more clients and had more fun!”- Eric Werner –

I am amazed at the amount of smart entrepreneurs I talk to on a daily basis who do not grasp the fundamentals of ethical selling.

I aim to demystify the process, so that you can feel optimistic, comfortable and effective at selling your services.

The course is $97.

“I believed that if I just got over myself and followed the myriad coaches, money gurus, and seven step process to become a six-figure-rockstar-and-lose-weight-at-the-same-time, I’d have it made. Then, I stewed, steamed and bristled for three years, count them, while my business putted along all sweet like Thomas the Tank Engine, entertaining children and paying (enough of) the bills to still look like a business. Well, HELLO, Pam Slim and  Ethical Selling That Works. I reframed all of my beliefs about what selling means (was: flim flam and gas up the getaway car; now: sharing your brand in harmony with your values and ONLY with those who get it). I learned a very direct and non-used-car process that I can rinse and repeat to my clients’ and bank account’s desires. It works. Within four weeks, I had SIX new clients I love (and who were not in my orbit before the course). Pam, where shall I send your cut?”-Dyana Valentine,

Why me?

  • I have run a successful consulting and coaching business for the past 16 years.
  • I have coached hundreds of new entrepreneurs and am very familiar with the common fears and traps of starting a business.
  • I really, really dislike pushy or scripted selling.
  • I worked with a sales trainer for three years, and taught sales classes to thousands of students all throughout the United States and Europe.
  • I have built both a six-figure consulting practice and a six-figure online coaching practice without selling my soul or ethics. My clients make me proud, and will tell you that I am a straight-shooter and give my all to help make them successful.
  • I will not ask you to do anything that I will not do myself.

The most effective sales people I know weren’t born that way.

They can’t hypnotize you with their eyes. And they turn away more people than they work with.

They’re effective at sales because:

  1. They have a particular client profile in mind–someone they know will get the most success from their work together.
  2. They have natural, semi-automatic follow-up systems in place.
  3. They know how to work the sales process in a way that feels meaningful—even joyful—to them. (They know there is a process.)
  4. That’s it.

Are you ready to become one of them?

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Refund policy

I am committed to your satisfaction with this class — and I want to make sure it’s a fit for you. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with Ethical Selling That Works, you are welcome to a 100% money back guarantee. Your refund will be issued within one week to your credit card.



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