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I have been preparing for this moment for a very long time. After writing and publishing Escape from Cubicle Nation, I had no idea if there would be a future book, or what it would be. Over time, ideas came slowly, like whispers from a far away room. Then they gradually got louder, until one […]

When you think about it, navigating your life is a series of negotiations. In the course of a day, you may try to influence: Your new puppy to use the restroom outside Your customer to buy your product Your kid to brush his teeth Your neighbor to vote for your candidate Your boss to support […]

Last weekend, I kicked off the launch of my new book, Body of Work (which ships on December 31, 2013) with a live event in Phoenix, Arizona. I was joined by an amazing line-up of speakers, who shared deep and meaningful lessons and stories with the 75 people assembled. I was very thoughtful in my […]

  Have you ever gotten the perfect job, or client, or gig, and after doing the work for awhile, found that it was not anything like you imagined? A good friend moved all the way across country for a job opportunity that sounded like a dream on paper. Only after working there for a few […]

Glenis Redmond, sharing her beautiful poetry at Design Your Life Camp. Photo by Lynn Buckler Walsh. I just spent three days in a hotel on a lake in Georgia, in a room filled with creative people, art, inspiration and poetry. I was at Patti Digh’s first annual Design Your Life Camp. One of the participants […]

The Side Hustle and Flow Interview Series is designed to inspire hard-working corporate employees to either start a side hustle if they are interested in eventually starting a business, or to keep going with their existing side hustle through the inevitable challenge of limited time and energy. So far we have profiled Chandoo, Willie Jackson, […]

There are some people I meet who I instantly feel not just a connection with, but true kinship. Todd Henry is one of these people. I first met him when he interviewed me about my book Escape from Cubicle Nation on his wildly popular podcast, Accidental Creative. I was intrigued by his work with creatives, […]

I always laugh when people comment that I seem to be very productive. I think it is based on the illusion created by social media, when all we see are celebrations of finished blog posts, or program announcements, media coverage or photos of glamorous travel. I have huge spaces of bumbling around, head scratching and […]

One of the fun things about writing a blog about quitting your job to start a business is I get some interesting press requests. This one from HGTV came across my inbox yesterday, and thought it was really fun. Here is the description of what they are looking for in ideal candidates for a new […]

Many years ago, when I was in the early years of blogging at Escape from Cubicle Nation, I heard about a young man named Dan Schawbel who was writing like crazy about personal branding and millennials in the workplace. His name and face were everywhere, as he wrote for his own blog, as well as […]