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I have been working at a feverish pace on my blog.  My brain is filled with things I want to write about and I have to carry a notebook around at all times just so I capture all the ideas.  I have been trying to post new entries at least once a day.  But I […]

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To set a bit of context for this Building my Brand Journal, I started out this process a little backwards.  In June of 2005, I bought Robert Middleton’s Website Toolkit.  I had wanted to rewrite my website for a long time since I had the same old stale content on there for almost 7 years.  […]

Building my Brand Journal

I am currently enrolled in a kick-butt class called Platform Push, run by my new favorite mentor Suzanne Falter-Barnes.  (no offense to Martha Beck, my constant North Star mentor and inspiration!) It is a six-month class conducted via telephone that is all about building your brand and marketing platform.  There are about a dozen other […]

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