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This just in from a friend at our local paper, the Arizona Republic: RECEIVE A MONEY MAKEOVER FROM THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC The Arizona Republic has enlisted the help of financial coaches to examine a family’s specific financial problem or goal and come up with recommendations.  Readers must be willing to share their story and suggested […]

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A New York Times journalist is writing a book on people who make seemingly abrupt life changes like picking up a serious sport, or starting a business or returning to school, and about why and how these things succeed.  The request: "I’m looking for adults who have created transformations, who started out as one thing […]

This has been a busy week in the media department! I got a request from a major magazine looking for the following: "We are looking for a woman over 40 who is making a major career change and needs some help from our new advice column.  Examples could be giving up her career on Wall […]

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Are you a garage inventor with a great new gadget that you would love to see grace the shelves of stores worldwide? For fun, why don’t you try out for the PBS show Everyday Edisons?  (You may note that this follows my "Do something wacky" recommendation in my previous post about re-juicing creativity) For the […]

BusinessWeek Online was kind enough to ask me to share the following project with my blog readers, knowing that many of you work from home offices. They want to create a photo essay of readers’ standout home-based offices. What exactly qualifies as "standout?": " We are looking for unique spaces from which you run your […]

I just got wind of an interesting opportunity for the right business owner who is struggling a bit and could use some "public" (aka live media) coaching. Do you fit this profile: Interesting person with a good story to tell Interesting business that many people could understand and relate to Significant challenges in your business […]

I just got an inquiry from a journalist looking for the following: "Women who have made a successful career change "without a net" (meaning no huge financial savings or rich partner in the wings). The women need to be over 40 now (and either over 40 or near that when they made their career change). […]

Tory Johnson, CEO of  Women for Hire and Good Morning America Workplace Correspondent just sent over a special request for Phoenix-based businesses: "Right now we’re looking for women in the Phoenix area to participate in a special GMA segment focused on workplace flexibility.  Specifically, we’re looking for women who work fulltime and are in great […]

I just got a ping from someone doing a story on Phoenix and home-based entrepreneurs who spend at least a couple of hours a week working out of a coffee shop to “minimize home distractions.”  I do occasionally, especially when I have to write something uninterrupted. The only stipulation is that you go somewhere besides […]

Every once in awhile, I get a call from press folks with interest in doing a story featuring members of my blog community.  I always love it, as it is an opportunity to highlight some of the great work that YOU are doing!  I have to maintain confidentiality out of respect for the source, but […]