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My post on Martha Beck’s blog this week deals with anxiety that arises when in pursuit of your dreams.  It is more common than you think!  Enjoy. — A core part of Martha’s approach to life coaching is the concept of the Body Compass.  Housed deep inside you, your compass is always pointed True North, […]

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts this week — I have running around a bit more than usual and didn’t have time to write. I just finished this post for Martha Beck’s blog.  It is on a favorite topic:  lizard fears that get in the way of you realizing your dreams.  And I […]

I am always a bit perplexed when people ask me how to come up with new material for a blog.  I say, let it come to you! Like this conversation I described on my new post for Martha Beck’s blog.  I was halfway through writing on another topic when I got this call on my […]

Today’s Martha Beck post is one of my favorite subjects … "have to" vs. "choose to."  Just ask my husband what happens in my household when he utters "I have to do this."  Reason #25 to be very wary of marrying a life coach.  Enjoy! If you have ever watched the Discovery Channel, you have […]

The following is a new post on Martha Beck’s blog … which has finally moved to a permanent home on her new website.  Feel free to add the feed to your reader when you visit! — When I was younger, I went crazy for Salsa.  I don’t mean the kind involving chopped tomatoes and chili […]

One of the questions that persists in my working life is "How can I help people find out what work they are meant to do?" Career assessments, online personality profiles and analytical tools can help answer the question, but they often fall short.  This is because while addressing "What do I think I should do?", […]

Time for another tool on the Martha Beck blog … — The other day, I was talking with my client Laura (not her real name) about her big, audacious business idea.  She had shared lots of background information on the project over email, and it was clear to me she was wildly informed about the […]

I have had quite a few new visitors lately, so for those that aren’t familiar with this standing feature, I do a guest post once every two weeks on Martha Beck‘s blog. She is my mentor, and the person who taught me the life coaching skills that I use every day on my clients, my […]

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I promised to report back today on the success of my 4-day win, which I shared earlier this week on Martha Beck's blog in Death to procrastination:  Use the 4-day win to get your goals moving. I encouraged readers to share their own goals and we got some specific examples from Mike, Andy, Latarsha, Rosalind, […]

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything you want to get done in the new year?  If so, you may enjoy my latest post on Martha Beck’s blog about a concept she calls the 4-day win.  It takes big, audacious goals and helps you to break them down into easy-to-accomplish bites.    It is […]