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I have been enjoying my copy of Seth Godin’s latest book, Meatball Sundae. It discusses fourteen marketing trends that we all face this year, in  thought and action-provoking signature Seth style. The Meatball Sundae metaphor refers to boring company brands (meatballs) throwing whiz-bang new marketing strategies (ice cream sundae toppings) on top of their business, […]

There are few books  I have read  that give me goosebumps.  Presentation Zen:  Simple ideas on presentation design and delivery is one of them. By means of context, everything about the book is a "sweet spot" of my interests and attractions.  I adore photography, and the images used in the book (from my favorite image […]

Awhile back, I took off my earrings, smeared vaseline under my eyes and challenged my smart blogging counterpart Penelope Truck to a virtual smackdown over a blog post.  I got interesting responses from my readers, and she was very civilized in her reply, much to her character and credit. I promised to write a review […]