The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make that keep them from earning 7 figures

I held a call today, Wednesday September 23 at 9:30am PST (12:30pm EST) with coaching dynamo Milana Leshinski.

Download the call recording here, for those who missed it:

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And her link to the free e-book, followed by info about the Coaching Millions Summit where I will speak in October is here:

Milana originally came from the Ukraine as a classical music teacher, but found a new passion in entrepreneurship and information marketing. She started literally from scratch without any business experience or education (in fact, business didn’t exist in Soviet Ukraine), and built a million-dollar information business from home while raising her two children.
I have been following her progress on line for years, and am very interested to hear her perspective on the following topics:
  • How to unlock new cash flow that’s sitting un-tapped, right now, in your existing market
  • How to double or triple your income in 90 days from your existing knowledge without spending a ton of money on new advertising sources, without increasing the number of hours you’re working each week, and without toiling for months on end to create new products.
  • And, how to create your very own multiple-income-stream empire from your existing knowledge!
I will be speaking about personal branding at Milana’s Coaching Millions Super Summit in Dallas in October.