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My name is Pamela Slim and I am a writer and coach who helps corporate employees evaluate the decision to quit their job and start a business.  To learn a little more about me and why I write this blog, look here.  If you are from the press and want to see some past coverage, please go here.  You can get a flavor for what is important to me in my work from my manifesto here.

Now on to the content on this site:

Why you may want to leave the corporate world

Open letter to CXOs across the corporate world
Open letter to employees across the corporate world
59 is the new 65 and other reasons to start your business now
I have a "great job," lots of money, responsibility and respect.  Why aren’t I happy?

Are you afraid to leave?

How do you know when is the right time to quit your day job?
Your "confusion" at making a big change is more likely fear of the truth
How to shake up "soul numbing as a result of long-term cube exposure
Freedom is not a state of employment, it is a state of mind
Is there a sure-fire way to know if your business will be a success?

What if you know you want to be self-employed but don’t know what you want to do?

5 easy ways to discover what you are meant to do with your life
Don’t know what you want?  A picture paints a thousand words
Searching for your perspective on the timeless "what work am I supposed to do?" question

Marketing and selling basics

How do you know where to start with your marketing activities?
Are you acting like a celebrity sheep with your marketing plans?

Excellent networking techniques from a playground-savvy nine-year-old
Obsession with the competition is a luxury of the over-funded
What’s in a brand name?  More than you think

Creating a meaningful business

Before you create your business plan, create your life plan
Choosing between a crack pipe and a shot of wheatgrass juice

Want a little multimedia pick me up?  Check out this 3-minute web video I put together last year:

My declaration of independence

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