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To round out the pricing series, I talked to my fellow business coach Sherry Garrity from Corporate Fugitive who illuminates some of the specific pricing challenges faced by corporate employees transitioning to entrepreneurship. The three main challenges she talks about in our interview are: Under-dreaming: thinking too small about the vision of what your business […]

“There are a lot of business owners out there who are giving their stuff away for free because they don’t know enough about pricing. That was my story,” says Alexis Martin Neely, our next guest in The Price is Right Interview Series. Alexis is a lawyer and founder of two million dollar businesses.  She is […]

Andrea J. Lee, CEO of Thought Partners International LLC has been a huge influence on my approach to business since I read her book Multiple Streams of Coaching Income in 2006. She is one of those rare individuals who combine clear business intelligence with wit and humor. Her coaching is said to be a combination […]

So far this week, we have learned about the big picture of pricing in small business from John Jantsch, and tips on the inner game of pricing from Mark Silver. Today we get some great, detailed information about transitioning from giving away all your content for free on a blog to selling well-priced products and […]

So much of what you learn about pricing focuses on the external market. But in the daily practice of being an entrepreneur, much of the confusion and angst about pricing comes from an inner feeling. Mark Silver, co-founder of Heart of Business, has a very unique perspective on the inner game of pricing which is […]

I am thrilled to kick off a week-long series about pricing in small business with an interview with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.  John is a well-known authority on small business marketing who has a very popular blog and speaking platform. Despite his solid business background and decades of experience, the thing I like […]

  I had a good conversation yesterday with someone who was new to self-employment and was really baffled by the process of setting an hourly rate for his services. I went over a framework for understanding value that I learned from a prior client, Skip Miller, who wrote ProActive Selling. When calculating the value your […]

On this last day of 2012, as we prepare for a rocking 2013, I am tremendously proud to celebrate and share the people I have been lucky enough to work with this year. Clients came from individual coaching  and programs and classes like Power Boost Marketing. While I served over 400 people, given the nature […]

Image Credit: tibchris on Flickr I had the great pleasure of working with Carmen Sognonvi few years ago, when she was still a corporate employee working diligently on her side hustle, which at the time was a speaking and consulting business focused on race and racism. She was amazing at what she did, and impressed […]

Note the rather uncharacteristic post title from my recent blog hack.  The humor of the particular spam title and my post image was not lost on me. Call me the poster child for the need for a structured, secure data security plan: In 2008, the hard drive on my brand new iMac failed four months […]