Celebrating the body of work of my clients in 2013

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

2013 has been a very special year for me. In addition to working with some amazing people, traveling to great events and having fun with my family, I wrote a brand new book, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together that I believe will define my own body of work (pun intended!) for the next ten years.

Here is the book trailer created by my awesome friends at Simplifilm.

Today is the last day to get preorder goodies, including an all-expense paid trip to Phoenix to get a consulting day with me where we work intensively on your career or business. Go here to order the book and enter the drawing! http://pamelaslim.com/bodyofwork

My hope for this book is that it uplifts, inspires and activates hundreds of thousands of people to have joy, meaning, prosperity and success in their lives. I hope you enjoy it!

This year, I changed my business model and stopped working with new 1:1 clients in July so that I could work halftime with the amazing author Susan Cain , (her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Won’t Stop Talking won just about every book award in 2012) her business partner Paul Scibetta, and her amazing team of quiet revolutionaries. We are building some very exciting things for 2014 that will support and celebrate the amazing gifts of introverts in every aspect of our lives. Be sure to sign up for her mailing list to receive word on the new offerings here.

One of the amazing things about my job is that I get to work with truly creative, passionate, committed people. They are the very best part of my work, and their accomplishments make me very proud. Not everyone likes to share their wins in public (many still work in corporate jobs where they need to maintain a low profile while they work on a side hustle), but all of them are so appreciated for their courage to build new things.

I could not do my work alone! Thanks to my amazing team for keeping the business rolling this year — Tim Grahl, Joseph Hinson and Lauren Baker of Out:think Group, I owe you everything! Sheila Sanders, my incredible operations manager, confidante and friend, you rock! Kyle and Cynthia Durand, thank you for keeping my legal and financial systems sharp!

Thanks to my team at Portfolio for believing in me and Body of Work. Adrian Zackheim, Will Weisser, Margot Stamas, and my amazing editor Emily Angell, and editorial assistant Jesse Maeshiro, thank you! And to my agent Joelle Delbourgo, thanks for being a staunch advocate for writing the right book, at the right time. 🙂

To my dear friends at Martha Beck, Inc, thank you so much for the opportunity to serve your coaches for 5 years! To my partners at Citrix, I have been so delighted to develop a strong partnership with you! To my AZ friends  and partners at Infusionsoft, I foresee great things for us in 2014! To Fran Tarkenton and Office Depot, and my fellow small business advisers of the Small Biz Club, I cannot WAIT to create great things with you next year!

And to the broader community of Escape from Cubicle Nation, I am so thankful for your years of support and encouragement. I write for you, and believe in your dreams. 🙂

And so like we did in 20092010,  2011 and 2012 please raise your fists in the air and celebrate these amazing people who rolled up their sleeves, faced their fears and shipped something meaningful  in 2013.


A for Awesome

Aarathi Selvan – Online business, Mindful Motherhood

Abe Cajudo continues his quest for better business storytelling through new consulting packages and wrote his first book, #Novembher, a post-digital book of poems written entirely on an iPhone and published to Facebook over thirty days in November.

Alaia Willaims launched the At the Helm Podcast, a show geared toward solopreneurs and micro business owners.

Ali Davies launched “How To Stay On Track To Achieve Your Goals”. A practical step by step guide to help you achieve your goals faster, easier and consistently.

Anja Schuetz – What if instead of “What do I want to start/stop doing in 2014?” you would ask yourself, “Who do I want to be in 2014?“Understand how happiness really works and join an inspiring community in this 5-week online course, that will lift you up and carry you all through 2014!


B for Bodacious

Ben Fanning launched the 14 Day, Conquer Your Burnout Home Study Course.

Beth Hayden, Social Media Coach, launched an instantly-downloadable course called “Pinfluence Academy”  that is receiving rave reviews from my customers. The course is perfect for business owners who want to learn more about using Pinterest to connect with their prospective clients and make more sales.

Brian Shea worked with an amazing group of clients in 2013 through his IT consulting company Shea Consulting LLC. In addition, he was part of a number of other projects including the 10K on 10/1 campaign for charity: water and Hacking Your IT Budget, a webinar for InformationWeek magazine. You can check out these projects at Brian’s blog: Results, Transparency and Trust in IT.


C for Committed

Cheryl Dolan is the first external coach and Subject Matter Expert in Communication and Presentation, for the CIO Executive Council (CEC), an IDG Company, which serves CEOs, CIOs and other professionals internationally in the IT world!

Chris and Heather Lee – We raised almost $27,000 for Teen Lifeline through Twestival Phoenix 2013.


D for Delicious

Debbie Reber announced Your Personal Book Partner, a new one-on-one coaching program where she gives writers working on a book guidance and support from start to finish (hand-holding included!).

Denise Mironti – After years of deliberating and anguishing over leaving the secure nursing administrator job I finally escaped to build a business around my passion for food!

Dory Bertsche – I finished NaNoWriMo – 50,000 words of my novel in one month.


E for Excellent

Elizabeth Crouch expanded her local and national speaking, writing and book research .. she continues as a paid speaker, advocate for women’s health and intergenerational community advocate for PIVOT Edmonds. In partnership with these two educational and community organizations, she continues her speaking and writing on an even bigger stage locally, nationally and internationally – on college campuses, radio presentations and interviews.


H for Hooray

Heather Robertson E-RYT, ELCOwner, Centre Line LLC  created and led 7 fully attended workshops for motivated professionals ranging from lawyers, judges, to entrepreneurs with the focus upon how to be more effective, impactful, and aligned within our modern mosaic of livelihood.

Heidi Noel Hauck launched her new site, focusing on helping Multi-Passionate Introverts build awesome, successful businesses! Over the next three months, she’ll be teaching a series of free webinars on the foundations of building a business, and would love to have you along for the ride.


J for Joyful

Jackie Dolan completed mind-body coach training and will be soon become one hot Endorsed Mind-Body coach, ready to flow, grow and glow. Life Extraordinaire

Jennifer Lyle –  – Jennifer Lyle and her partner, basketball coach Dr. Jim Burson, gave another successful webinar with 94Fifty and finished his book, “The Golden Whistle”, a story for all basketball coaches and for every person who wants to achieve more in life.

Dr. Jill Syme started a blog, ReVisioneer

Jules Taggart hosted her very first mastermind retreat for women entrepreneurs. Thrive Hive Live – Mastermind Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs 


K for Killer

Karyn Osinowo, Social Enterprise Attorney launched a website and first info product, which is a checklist to help guide social entrepreneurs and sustainable business owners through the proper legal channels to follow when setting up their businesses.


L for Lovely

Laura Gates – We’re launching another round of Be Your Own Guru in January, a 9-week online class that helps initiate people’s purpose, passion and connection to their spiritual calling.


M for Magnificent

Maia Duerr continues to be a visionary in helping individuals and organizations use mindful awareness to become more connected to their mission and effective in their work. This year, she offered her e-course, “Fall in Love with Your Work”  to rave reviews — meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg said, “Maia’s wonderful work inspired significant elements of my new book, “Real Happiness at Work.”

Mary Deshong Kinkelaar, CFP® launched Money Swift Kick a 60-day online program for women to get financially smart, comfortable and focused so they can build knowledge and master the money issues that hold them back.

Melissa Anzman relaunched her businesses helping people launch their career, business and brand; and kicked off her new podcast series.

Mike Ambassador Bruny$10K Raised in 8 weeks for charity: water using G+ Hangouts and a 24hr Social Media-thon

Mike Hrostoski launched The Conference For Men, a weekend of accelerated personal growth for 300 inspiring men in San Diego on April 25-27.

Mindy Holahan – In Power Boost Marketing, Mindy Holahan grew her author services business, More Time To Write. She works with authors on their research, editing, and audio production; as well as partners with Winning Edits to provide other author services.


R for Righteous

Rachel Gogos launched a new business – a web app for high school and college students called MyPath101 which will empower them to figure out their purpose, pick a major, clean up their online brand, build it and land a job.

Rachel Rodgers, Esq. created Small Business Bodyguard, a hilarious (no, really!), easy-to-read, comprehensive legal resource for entrepreneurs that covers everything you need to know about running the legal side of your business (and includes a bunch of contract templates, too!) — its sold over 650 copies in less than 6 months.

Rasheryl McCreary – Launched Brand Y.O.U.™ for Entrepreneurs. Personal branding for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants.

Rebecca Clark – We nudged, and accepted nudges, resulting in new products, a closer knit community, and inspiration to keep on nudging others to pursue their big idea. Need a Nudge?


S for Super Star

Sabrina Ziegler – Global Awareness Creator at Authentizen.com  Free online summit “Living Your Ideal Global Life” January 13-17, 2014 with Pam Slim as one of our speakers!

Sarah From launched Workflow Essentials, a group coaching program for nonprofit leaders.

Sonia Quinones left her full-time day job as a public information officer to launch her writing business full-time. Sonia provides writing and editing services to mid-sized nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses with a social good focus. She helps these public-service-oriented organizations hone in on their unique narratives to shape stories that inform and influence the lives of real people and real communities.

Susan B Clarke I found my voice beginning in the January Sedona Writing Retreat working on my memoir, Crazy, Cracked, Warm & Deep which supported refreshing our business brand, thrive! inc, blending both the professional & the personal. Oh Sh*T! to Aha Moments

Susan Foster Completed Masters Coaching Certification (Martha Beck Inc)


T for Toasting You

Theresa Campbell launched Her Life, Her Legacy: a business and movement centered around helping women across the world live their legacy today, so they can leave their legacy tomorrow.


U for Useful

Ursula Jorch – A high note for 2013 was creating and teaching “Rapid Revenue: Ramp Up Your Business Income Fast”, my online course to fire up your business bottom line, which I’m offering again in early 2014 – you can pre-register!


W for Wonderful

Wendy Kranz launched her first coaching retreat, Damn Thirsty Adventure Camp


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14 Responses to “Celebrating the body of work of my clients in 2013”

  1. […] Celebrating the body of work of my clients in 2013 | Escape From Cubicle Nation […]

  2. Thanks for the mention of our project, Small Business Bodyguard, Pam! TO A FANTASTIC 2014!

  3. Steve Daar says:

    So much exciting accomplishment in one year. Looking forward to seeing their (and your) progress in 2014.

    I just left escaped from cubicle nation two weeks ago myself — hoping for a clean, lasting break. It all starts in 2014!

  4. Mazarine says:

    Hi Pam!

    I already pre-ordered the book, can I still be entered to win the contest?

    Your friend Desiree Adaway introduced me to your work, and we’ve worked together on a couple of projects this last year.

    I’ve admired your work for years, and would love to chat more with you!


    Mazarine Treyz

  5. R is for Reverence (revolution too!!!) But reverence for one’s craft, profession and or lot in life is what I am feeling at the 127 page mark of BOW.

    I chuckle at the name of your book Pam, which is beyond relevant. If I’ve heard or read you saying those words once, I’ve heard em a thousand times over the years, Right?

    To Pam & the Community: Rock on in 14!

  6. I am so honored to be in the community of heart-based entrepreneurs… thank you for the incredible guidance you have offered us over the year, Pam! And thank you to all my Power Boost Marketing colleagues! I look forward to a year of creative collaborations.

  7. Ed C says:

    Hi Pam! Wow, I just finished reading through your new book. It was a steady two day read and a great way to start the 2014 year. We share a lot of the same thoughts and framework of putting a body of work together. You have made it easier for me to understand what I have been doing and trying to do for many years. I do have a story that I am inspired to tell because of your book. The rubber will meet the road this year and I will keep you in the loop. Big thanks for your dedication and passion for helping people!

  8. Esmé says:

    Hi! I adore the book, and was wondering if the workbook would be available to those who did not preorder. I would be very interested in purchasing it, if so. Thank you!

  9. Pam, thank you. You are so incredible in so many ways. You are my role model, my coach, my standard, my business advisor, cheerleader, advocate and great resource. I have an image of you with your arms stretched around a vast group of people. This group is always getting larger, and somehow your arms continue to embrace every single person in the group. And then the image changes to one of you with Darrell, Jeffrey, Joshua and Angela, because that’s the core and the heart and starting point of your embrace; that’s where it begins and finishes, isn’t it? What could be better?

  10. faisal says:

    Time to get going in 2014 now.

  11. Alaia says:

    Congrats to everyone. Great things are ahead in 2014!

  12. Beth Hayden says:

    Thanks so much, Pam. I am so honored to be a member of your community, and to be on this list. Congrats on the book — my copy of it arrives this afternoon and I can’t WAIT to dig in!!

    Here’s a satisfying and prosperous new year! 🙂


  13. Erika Harris says:

    “quiet revolutionaries.” Love that. Am that 🙂 Pam, I’ve been inspired by your body of work for many years, and am excited to see what unfolds in 2014. Congrats on your book! What a major accomplishment, and a title I feel strongly drawn to, too! Sending appreciation.

  14. Ali Davies says:

    Thank you for including me in your client round up list Pam. Really appreciate the shout out.