Live your life so that you DIE EMPTY: Conversation with Todd Henry

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There are some people I meet who I instantly feel not just a connection with, but true kinship. Todd Henry is one of these people.

I first met him when he interviewed me about my book Escape from Cubicle Nation on his wildly popular podcast, Accidental Creative. I was intrigued by his work with creatives, where he acts, in his words, as an “arms dealer for the creative revolution.” His ideas have inspired people from graphic artists to Hip Hop stars (LL Cool J is a fan, as you can see above).

But I really got to know him when we were both writing our new books for the same publisher (Portfolio) with the same editor (Emily Angell). Our late-night email chats were both inspiring and extremely effective for working through creative blocks.

After being close to Todd’s creative process, I was so excited to read his brand new book Die Empty. I loved it.

In this interview, Todd gives extremely clear, passionate, concrete advice on not only how to get your creative work out into the world, but why it is your obligation to do so. I was shaking my fist in the air during the interview. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Download the mp3 here:

Listen online here:


To get the new book:

Check out Todd and his brand new book Die Empty at

If you purchase the bookĀ  by September 25 (be sure to fill out the pre-order form on the site), you get some wonderful pre-order gifts including:

  • Access to the Die Empty Book Club
    Here’s how it works: You ask me questions via e-mail or voicemail, and I respond to them via a weekly 30-60 minute podcast available only to the first-readers. This podcast will be much longer than our typical podcasts, and will add extra perspective to Die Empty. It’s going to be a lot of fun!
  • The Official Die Empty Workbook
    A downloadable PDF workbook to help you think through and apply the principles in Die Empty to your own life and work. The workbook also contains exclusive extra content and external sources to help you dive deeper into each principle.
  • Downloadable PIP Worksheet
    A PDF of our very popular Personal Idea Pad tool to help you generate brilliant ideas for your work.
  • The 147 Episode Secret Accidental Creative Podcast Stash!
    It’s a series of 147 podcasts we released only to our AC Engage community, but that were never publicly available. You will have immediate access to over 12 hours of exclusive coaching to help you be prolific, brilliant, and healthy.

Even more exciting to me is that Todd is joining me as a keynote speaker at Body of Work Live in Phoenix, AZ on October 25 & 26. Bring your copy of Die Empty and Todd can sign it for you! šŸ™‚ Details and sign up here:

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7 Responses to “Live your life so that you DIE EMPTY: Conversation with Todd Henry”

  1. Bruce LeGros says:

    This is an exciting book with lots of great information, I love a bit of inspiration.

  2. Wendy Kelk says:

    Great sounding book, will be checking it out

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  5. faisal says:

    Any one who has written a book is not living empty for sure, cause they are living their life.