Turn your questions into answers: Interview with Dan Martell

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Imagine that you are driving down the road and you get a call from your office that a VC is interested in talking to you about investing in your business, but the only time they have to meet with you is tomorrow at noon. You have never put together a pitch before, and feel slightly panicked. But then you open an app, say “How to make a VC pitch” and immediately get 5 names of experienced VCs. You scan the list, see that one of them is Mark Cuban, and say “call Mark” and in 2 minutes you have him on the phone, coaching you through tomorrow’s presentation (of course you scanned the list when you were pulled into a parking lot, because of course you would not text and drive). When you hang up, you would automatically be billed for 15 minutes of Mark Cuban’s time.

This scenario is not far from the reality at Clarity.fm, Dan Martell’s current company which connects entrepreneurs with questions with experts who have answers. He has the small goal of reaching one billion people with his platform in ten years (!).

In this interview, we talk about:

  • Dan’s personal journey to entrepreneurial life, which included drug addiction and jail time
  • How he took this tough experience and made it a driving force in his vision for positive change
  • His early startup history, including early failures
  • The business model and vision for Clarity.fm and how it may change the way we learn
  • How Dan survived my “I have never met a Canadian I didn’t like” challenge by the end of the interview (I like him a lot)

Find Dan at http://www.danmartell.com/ on Twitter @danmartell and his company https://clarity.fm/home

Download the interview here:

Or listen online here:

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7 Responses to “Turn your questions into answers: Interview with Dan Martell”

  1. Mike Kawula says:

    Martell’s story is amazing and super inspiring.

    Have heard him interviewed on multiple podcast and his entrepreneurial spirit rocks. Definitely a huge need for future entrepreneurs to get the real life advice and Clarity a great platform to do it on.

  2. Sofi says:

    Very Inspiering story, well done,! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. faisal says:

    AWesome interview and the story is really inspiring.

  4. Pam and Dan,
    Great interview. You can feel Dan’s passion for his work and ideas. Dan’s personal story and the lessons that he learned from his early struggles is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sveta says:

    Would you please add good quality captions to all of your videos? There are 48 millions of deaf and hard of hearing people you are leaving out if you don’t make all of your aural information accessible. I give training in accessible information if you are interested. Thanks!

    • Pamela Slim says:

      Point well taken, Sveta, I will look into this.



      • Sveta says:

        Thanks! Also, just adding a transcript to a video is not enough – videos should have both captions and transcripts and they need to be done in correct formats. That’s why I give trainings to media owners to make sure to follow best practices, and the solution is not same for all situations.