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On this last day of 2012, as we prepare for a rocking 2013, I am tremendously proud to celebrate and share the people I have been lucky enough to work with this year.

Clients came from individual coaching  and programs and classes like Power Boost Marketing. While I served over 400 people, given the nature of my work, many of my corporate employee clients wisely choose to NOT publicize their affiliation with “The Escape from Cubicle Nation Lady.” To those of you in this category, I am so proud of the work you are doing, and celebrate your accomplishments with a quiet fist pump in the air.  Working the side hustle is not for the faint of heart, and you do it with so much grit and grace.

In September, I  celebrated the last of our six Lift Off retreats with Charlie Gilkey and Angela Wheeler. I will miss our wonderful chemistry and collaboration, but am excited for the big, new things that each of us is working on. New partnerships were born with Betsy Rapoport (who will lead a writing retreat with me in Sedona in February), Citrix (who is partnering on a whole series of webinars and e-content), Microsoft, Freshbooks, Infusionsoft and Palo Alto Software (who all sponsored Power Boost Live). Thank you for being such ethical, smart, talented and supportive partners. I am very blessed to work with you, and look forward to more collaboration in 2013.

I also want to think my outstanding web and marketing team from Out:think: Tim Grahl, Joseph Hinton and Lauren Baker. When you have talented partners who not only take pride in their work, but  also take pride in yours, that is where great things happen. Tim is the force behind great authors like Daniel Pink (who has a new book dropping today!), and will be a critical part of my new book launch this Fall.

I hired my first full-time employee, Sheila Sanders, which was the best personal and business decision I ever made. Having a smart, kind and organized person to share ideas with in the office next to me has made my work more meaningful and rich. She also doesn’t let me get away with messing around so much, and forces me to get stuff done. 🙂

I also hired Janette Gleason to help me build out my marketing automation and customer nurturing in Infusionsoft. She started out as a client, and I was so impressed with her, that I put her on retainer.

I want to acknowledge my High Council of Jedi Knights members Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Martha Beck and Nancy Duarte, who perhaps without knowing it, gave me courage to persist with my projects when faced with some serious challenges.

My agent Joelle Delbourgo was kind and patient with my book proposal writing process, and helped me close a deal for a brand new book with my favorite book publisher Penguin Portfolio. We will be working hard together this year to bring this book out in the world. I may even land in your city as part of the book tour in the Fall. 🙂

Many people evaluate their business results only by the amount of revenue they personally generated.

While that is a useful metric, I also evaluate mine by the value contributed to the world by the people I work with. By these standards, I am a very rich woman.

And so like we did in 20092010 and 2011 please raise your fists in the air and celebrate these amazing people who rolled up their sleeves, faced their fears and shipped something meaningful  in 2012.

A for Awesome

Abe Crystal launched Kickstart Your Change which provides free mini-courses that help you dream big, take action, and change your life.

In his first year of business post-cubicle, Abe Cajudo excited audiences with breakout sessions at Power Boost Live and The World Domination Summit and continues his work using video and crowdfunding campaigns to create change.

Adam Issadore facilitated an amazing drumming circle at Pam’s Power Boost Live, and a few weeks later launched his Path To Rhythm Group Drumming Programs for conferences, retreats and live events.

Ali Davies launched her first online programme called “Get on Track. Stay on Track.”  A programme designed to help people stay on track to achieve their most important goals in life and business. She will be launching her first online store of new products and programmes in January 2013.

Alison Lueders celebrates Great Green Editing’s first full year in business. She is excited about her growing client list and new service offerings of business writing and research; but most of all, she appreciates the chance to take her clients’ wonderful ideas and make them sparkle – in print or online. 2013 – here we come!

Amy Ramsey left Corporate America to launch her work to create a workshop that helps young adults answer the question “Who am I?” and learn how to make better choices about their future. Amy created a one-on-one coaching program and a workshop designed for young adults who are in high school, college and into their first job. This program helps them gain self-awareness and learn how to use this information to navigate life with less stress and more confidence.

Andre Blackman part of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media Advisory Board, has been featured in the first publication from the Center: Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care with a chapter dedicated to social networking.

Andrea Hanson completed a free ebook called “It’s Sabotage! The top 3 ways we derail our own weight loss and how to fix it.” A free guide on how to stop sabotaging your diet.

April Holle of Made Better Studio wrote and launched her first book, SEO Made Better: Optimizing to Be Found, Liked and Trusted by Visitors on Search Engines, a seed planted during Feb 2012 Lift Off Retreat!

Audrey Reynolds kicked off a project to create a location independent lifestyle! Audrey finally recognized her travel desires go beyond planning for an epic trip – she wants the flexibility and funds to live, work and play anywhere in the world. So she kicked off a project to make every aspect of her life location independent. She’s documenting the process at and invites you to follow along!


B for Bodacious

Bassam Tarazi launched the online course called: Ready. Set. Finish. – The Course Your Excuses Don’t Want You To Take. A 4-week, 4-module course helping us all squash the excuses that keep us from doing the things we want.

Bea Boxley, David Harges, Christine DeSavino,  David and Christine invented and brought to market the DaisyGrip, a children’s photographer tool, in January, 2012.

Beatriz Alemar launched her virtual assistant and project manager services for coaches while continuing to build her own coaching practice.

Brenda Horton launched her goal planning software productivity tool, Actionplanr in 4th quarter of 2012! After many years as a business and technology consulting company, Hware LLC., launched its first software product, Actionplanr (productivity tool) and transitioned our business model from service-based to product-based. Actionplanr is a goal planning tool for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to be more intentional, effective, and productive in how they live and work. From goal planning to project management, to turning ideas into a reality, to a simple check list, Actionplanr is powerful and easy to use. I took Pamela’s online workshop on presentations and used it to prepare for Actionplanr’s launch party and a women’s empowerment conference. Thank you Pamela!

Brian Shea left his full-time gig to launch Shea Consulting, LLC, a change management company that helps IT organizations build great teams and great products.

Brooks Duncan started a new webinar series laser-focused on specific topics around going paperless. The first one is the Going Paperless With Hazel webinar.


C for Committed

Carol Ross created Campfire Conversations a regular Q+A call for intelligent, creative professionals who are ready to transcend the need to fit in–by forging their own path.

Caroline Ceniza-Levine co-produced “The Battle Below,” an action/ gaming short film and web series. While Caroline is best known for her career-related writing and speaking, she’s also an independent film producer and co-launched FBC Films this fall to focus on multicultural casting in the sci fi and horror genres.

Cate Brubaker created a community for travelers, ex-pats, and students who want to re-launch themselves after being abroad (instead of just re-adjusting to being home). I’m offering an e-book, a free virtual event, a reading group, and coaching. Her new website launches Jan. 5, 2013.

Catherine Saar – In the midst of deep grief, finding a way to find hope .

Cheryl DolanInternational expansion of Platinum Presence® Program and Master Your Message®. Cheryl Dolan took her Platinum Presence® Program on the road from its home at MIT Sloan and Harvard, delivering 12 public and corporate workshops (national and international). Additionally she launched her Master Your Message® individual intensive Coaching Program. All while enjoying the best year ever at work!

Christy Lambert created an inspiring and supportive community for women who hated to exercise for their entire lives but started running to improve their health – see it here

Cigdem Kobu  created a 28-day Boost Camp for women who want to “Reset. Revive. Resart.”


D for Delicious

Dallon Christensen launched an on-demand course for the Certified Management Accountant examination. The CMA exam is the world’s leading designation for financial professionals working in business, industry, government, and not-for-profits. This course allows students around the world to access training material on their schedule and remove the barrier of traditional live instruction. I am available for office hours based on schedules around the world.

Daryl Gerke presented “Consulting for Geeks” at DesignCon 2012. Aimed at mid-career professionals (engineers, accountants, lawyers, managers, etc.)interested in starting their own part-time/full-time consulting practices. Expanded plans in 2013.

Debbie Orwat launched her first online course Getting Started in Wedding and Event Planning to help men and women get started in a career in the weddings and events industry. Escape from Cubicle Nation Readers can take the course for only $45 using the special code “cubicle”.

Debbie Reber developed writing classes and writing coaching/mentoring/consulting focus. She fleshed out her coaching offerings with a new focus on supporting writers and would-be authors, including two new classes, The Book in You and Write Your Irresistible Book Proposal!

Debbie Weil is publishing the first short business book under the Voxie Media imprint. The Cost of Ignorance by Robert Phelan is a page-turning novella about a new form of workers’ comp insurance.

Deborah Hanchey left the world of classroom education and launched Automatic Methods, an Infusionsoft marketing consultancy that teaches local service professionals to create automated marketing systems that add the value of increased profits and free time – what a combination!

Debra Smouse Launched a series of successful 30-day eCourses PLUS her first 12-month intimate coaching circle.

Deena Baikowitz and her partners at Fireball Network (aka “the deans of networking”), are hot into their 4th year of business, creating power networkers around the world. They work with an international client base, teaching professionals how to build strategic relationships at every level and land new business.

Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life Coach is particularly proud of her recent blog post on Boundaries. How and why to set boundaries with our loved ones.

Dirk Haun wrote his first ebook, Presenting for Geeks, based on a presentation course of the same name, which in turn used the principles he learned from the Power Teaching course.  Presenting for Geeks should be available from both the Amazon Kindle Store and Apple iBookstore by the time you read this.


E for Excellent

Eleanor Mayrhofer e.m.papers scaled their website and online store into another language (German) and market. After several false starts including two separate online stores and URLs and a grueling ecommerce platform upgrade that had to be trashed after 3 months of work, she finally got one consolidated e.m.papers website and store launched. The site is in English and German, and complete with stationery template downloads in both North American and International sizes!

Elizabeth Crouch increased her local and national speaking .. she’s now a paid speaker and advocate for women’s health.  In partnership with an educational organization, she increased her local speaking and moved to a bigger stage nationally, speaking on college campuses, radio presentations and interviews.

Elizabeth Eastwood finally composted her cubicle and published her book Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers: Coping Wisdom for Heart and Soul After the Loss of a Beloved Feline.

Ericka “Diva” Hines trained her 1000th person. Built a service around what she learned called ” Leading from the Front of the Room” This is a one on one coaching program. She works with you closely to refine or build your next workshop.

Erika Lyremark has coached over 450 entrepreneurs, and in 2013 she is celebrating the launch of her upcoming book: Think Like a Stripper: Business Lessons to Up Your Confidence, Attract More Clients & Rule Your Market.

Erin Howard released 14 Days to a Winning Social Media Strategy a free e-course that teaches authors, speakers, and consultants how to use social media effectively.

Erin Brimmer bid farewell to her corporate cubicle of 10 years, and is now joyously delivering her artistic gifts to the world through her fine art business Sugarbird Studio.


F for Fantastic

Farnoosh Brock launched her Smart Exit Blueprint for the corporate slave course, and offered it twice to struggling corporate employees who feel trapped and need to create a smart exit strategy out of the golden chains and create freedom in their work and career.

Florence Moyer launched The Power of Gratitude. A four-week telecourse to help you amp up your authentic thankfulness, chock full of simple, accessible, and super-effective tools, ancient and modern, that will help you create a sustainable gratitude practice that’s uniquely yours.


G for Go Get Em!

Gabrielle Conde learned the Energy Scan technique and started using it at Mission: Engage Your Life to help clients be free to play, heal and follow their intuition along their path in the world.

After quitting her day job in 2011, Gail Kenny combined her intuitive reading practice with mind-body coaching. She taught mind-body clarity and intuitive development classes as well as coaching individual clients. Gail helps people heal old dysfunctional habits of thinking and feeling to create relief from underlying tension and heal pain from the inside out.

Geri Lafferty completed her first book launch for a client to help people determine and find their own best and “right” work.


J for Joyful

Jackie Dolan hatched the prototype for a biweekly blog on improving your sports performance called MATCH POINT MANIA to debut in 2013. Match Point Mania will be a biweekly blog post of 26 different ways to get your mental game going, in tennis or other sports also.

Jami Scholl has become the PermaCoach, integrating Permaculture ethics with training from Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention and as a Wellness Coach from Wellcoaches.  Jami’s eco-holistic approach to lifestyle coaching for individuals or groups can be found at élanterra: The Art of Resilience & Wellbeing.

Jamie Teague launched Stop Drowning, Start Floating, a 4-week online workshop aimed at helping the chronically sick, stressed, & strained find calm, and she finally learned to love kale.

Janette Gleason left her full-time job as a stay-at-home mom, became an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, founded Gleason Consulting Group, and helped small business owners automate their processes and implement systems to nurture their prospects and clients. Visit Janette’s website for additional information!

Janine Gilmour launched a new FREE 30 day eCourse – Five Easy Pieces: Building Energy, Engagement and Alignment for the Outcomes That Matter to Your Business! Want to learn how to harness the ROI of using your Strengths to accomplish the outcomes that matter the most to you? Ready to pair this wisdom with proven techniques to build commitment to goals, foster motivation and overcome barriers to success? Then sign up for this 30 day program and see how you can substantially increase your results!

Jarlin Sung launched Self Love Coaching, to help her clients live lives that are true to themselves, instead of what others expect of them.

Jennifer Bailey realized a long-time goal of becoming a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs® assessment, which she’s thrilled to be using with her clients to spark “Aha!” moments that improve their personal and professional lives.

Jennifer Lyle launched 3 live virtual master clinics (webinars) for basketball coaches. We believe our first webinar was the first-ever live virtual master clinic for basketball coaches. It led to 2 more in quick succession. A major factor in our success was that Coach Burson drew basketball plays during his presentation – the live drawing process was broadcast to the audience so that it felt more like an in-person situation with coaches discussing and drawing plays with each other.

Jennifer McClanahan-Flint created and launched the 12-month Leverage to Lead Working Moms Mastermind Program to harness the power of the collective experience. It’s designed to help professional working mothers create a business network and a community that understands the unique challenges of working moms. This program gives women a higher view of their success and holds them accountable for their engagement in their careers and their families.

Jenny Blake is approaching the two year anniversary of her cubicle escape, and launching the fourth round of her 10-week Make Sh*t Happen Course.

Jess Ryan launched her new site excited to help stressed-out parents with emotional & organizational overload!

John Corcoran launched, an 8-week video training program for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to increase their revenues today so that their business income goes up and their company’s value increases. It was the first online training program collaboration between John and Kevin and the first e-product for John’s blog,

Joshua Waldman wrote the country’s first social media training curriculum for the unemployed. This DoL funded program is the first fully comprehensive program for people receiving unemployment benefits. I designed this curriculum with the limited resources available at publicly funded programs in mind. So half of it is presented on Ruzuku, the other half is delivered live in two in-person workshops. Portland is the test city. It rolls out in January and will be freely available to any other unemployment services organization funded by DoL around the country.

Judi Knight, of New Tricks, launched The Easy Peasy Email Newsletter Course to help people make 2013 the year they grow their list by creating a newsletter that people can’t wait to read!

Julica Hermann is looking for post-perfectionists who’d like to be interviewed for her upcoming book. Please contact her if you’re a recovering overachiever and would like to share your story!

Julie Ann Turner ignited thought leaders to profit from sharing their genius through her Session, & helped visionaries worldwide package, offer & profit from their greatness through 5 Conscious Shifts for Visionaries.


K for Killer

Kelly Pratt In 2012,she published her Creative Rhythm Planner – the paper planner for creative entrepreneurs! This planner was born out of finding what works for her, as a right-brain wacky creative entrepreneur – and finding out that it cam be useful to others! A bit of alchemy!

Kimberly Graham introduced her first live teleclass, Divorce Options. Divorce Options is a free monthly information-packed class that helps people who have decided to divorce do so in as peaceful and forward-thinking a way as possible.

Kris Plachy launched Be Courageous Retreats in California, Phoenix and Hawaii!  Be Courageous is a unique, special event for participants to rekindle and reconnect to what’s most important in their lives. It’s that all too important, but often forgotten time, we need to think, dream, create and plan what’s next!

Kristin Stevens offers Holistic Marketing Coaching for Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  I help sensitive and spiritually-oriented solo practitioners do the deep inner work to overcome their fear and self-doubt so they can stay grounded and centered while marketing their amazing services from a place of love and abundance (rather than fear and lack).

Kyle Durand launch of GoSignIn. Taking everything he learned improving and growing, Kyle built and launched GoSignIn, which marries a fast, easy, and fun contract expertise with innovative event management features.


L for Lovely

Laura Click finally kissed her day job goodbye so she could focus on her growing marketing company, Blue Kite Marketing, full time.

Laura Wolfe introduced The Gift of Self-Awareness via well-developed and established assessments for bosses who wonder what to give their hipos, managers, leaders and employees for special occasions or employee recognition.

Leah Cherry launched Season’s Eatings – an online class to bring joy, fun & connection to food and the family dinner table.

Leslie Forman launched a free course: How to Create Your International Career.  She is in the early stages of writing a book about how to find opportunities, build a network, and maintain your sanity while living far from home, based on her experiences as a 20-something California native living in Chile by way of four years in China.

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo led a group of adventurous, spiritually-minded, art-loving women on the first Threads of Awakening Journey in India, and she’d love for you to join her for journey #2 in 2013.

Lisa Alessi was excited to offer Enneagram Discovery, a coaching package and powerful introduction to understanding why you do what so you can develop greater self-awareness, appreciate your strengths more fully, and elucidate blindspots that might be holding you back.


M for Magnificent

Madelyn Mackie created a great resume writing workshop to help everyone active their career dreams!   The workshop is great for professional associations looking to give their members that extra edge.

Asking “how do you send love into the world?” Mahala Mazerov called on collective heart and wisdom to create her free guidebook, Natural Radiance: Voices of the Heart. She’s delighted to have Pam, Rosie, and Josh Slim as contributors. 

Maia Duerr offered her first e-course to rave reviews — “Fall in Love with Your Work,” a 30-day adventure in creating right livelihood.    Through her Five Directions Consulting business, Maia also exercised her marketing magic to help organizations like Upaya Zen Center dramatically increase program registrations and donations.

Maia Williams presents Build Your BiZ— In a Weekend! and BiZ Camp for Creatives (and other Reluctant Marketers)  Art + Acumen met and fell in love at and in the summer of 2012, two “Concept to Cash Flow” programs were born: 1) Build Your BiZ— In a Weekend! 2) BiZ Camp for Creatives (and other Reluctant Marketers). Maia Williams is confident Art + Acumen will renew their vows to promote peace and prosperity in the new economy.

Margaret Webb launched her tele-class titled, “Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect When You Were Expecting.”  A 6-part tele-class designed to help parents find balance, peace and joy in parenting a child who is on their own developmental timeline. This is NOT a support group. This class provides practical tools and strategies to truly help parents.

Maria Gajewski Have you ever noticed that nonprofit podcasts are often dull, dry, and not terribly useful? Story by Numbers is all about quick, useful and most of all FUN ways that you can tell your organization’s stories using quality data. We want you to be able to talk to funders, supporters, clients and maybe even your friends and family about what you do all day while keeping them entertained.

Mary C. Weaver launched her Body-Transformation Bootcamp online course to help 40+ women take years off their body.

Matt Rampe overcame his fears & launched his business! Matt started his business teaching the science of happiness. Inquire to register! 

Megan Everett was thrilled to launch – a collaborative network of talented independent contractors providing technical, bookkeeping, and administrative support to small businesses; with professional project and team management to coordinate it all for their clients.

Mike Ambassador Bruny created “The Bow Tie Flow” to Sponsor 1 Pop Warner Football Player in his hometown. Ambassador Bruny gave back, starting where he started through his bow ties.

Mimi Plevin-Foust co-created and relaunched the Passion, Purpose & Profits workshop, helping folks who want to make more money and have more fun align their greatest passions and purpose with joyful ways to create more income.

Mindy Holahan launched her solopreneur venture, More Time To Write.  More Time To Write offers virtual assisting for authors, bloggers, and podcasters. She protects your writing time by handling pesky administrative tasks.


N for Never-ending Celebration

Nancy Brook, RN, MS launched Glass Slipper Consulting. Glass Slipper Consulting offers mentoring, advocacy and inspiration for women facing cancer. They also offer training and certification programs for Nurses and Coaches. She was a keynote speaker at a National Nursing Conference in 2012.

Natalie Currie is excited to announce the upcoming rebranding of her personal and professional development company that will focus on helping social entrepreneurs, social enterprises and sustainability professionals flourish. Earlier this year, Natalie was appointed as a part-time faculty member at the University of Toronto, in their Continuing Education Department, at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Natasha Vorompiova launched an e-course on mastering delegations skills. What is your biggest business bottleneck, anyway? Well, quite possibly, it’s … YOU. Here’s the thing: I’m sure you can identify at least 3 areas of your life (time, sanity, income, etc.) that would instantly get better if you didn’t have to do everything in your business yourself. Am I right? If so, it’s time to learn how to tame that tiger.

Neely Raffellini launched a creative resume service targeting bloggers and other creative professionals. Splash Resumes is a creative resume service featuring graphically designed resumes that are perfect for bloggers and other creative professionals. They showcase your creativity and innovation as well as your skills, pushing your resume to the top of the pile!

Nikole Gipps launched a new free monthly workshop series covering business and technology topics after rebranding her company into That Super Girl.

P for Positively Fabulous

Pace Smith quit her day job, sold 90% of her earthly possessions, bought an RV, moved into it, hit the road, and is now living and working nomadically! Connection Revolution

Pam Hirsch broke free of “corporate bonds” and launched her own business, Pamela Hirsch Consulting LLC, specializing in all things WordPress.  She is thrilled to be guiding other entrepreneurs through the tech wilderness!

Pauline Agnew “Draw and paint what you Love” my inaugral art Ecourse attracted women from three continents and delivered what it promised.  A showcase video of the work my students produced on my Ecourse – Draw and Paint what you Love. Proud of it and them! Thank you Internet.


R for Righteous

Rachel Rodgers. Esq. established a new focus on women entrepreneurs in her law practice. She also launched the on demand version of her popular workshop for women lawyers, Open Your Virtual Law Office in Six Weeks.

Rachel Gogos launched a new business! iDentityShoppe is ideal for first-timers who need a website: easy to use + low price point (under $1k) + great graphics + work with a fun team = an incredible website for you.

Rebecca Mullen launched her first class, A Soulful Cleanse, and helped people discover how our “stuff” shapes our lives.

Rebecca Murphy    This year, with the help of Pam’s awesome Power Teaching course, I designed and launched my first coaching e-course, Storyteller: an e-course in living your REAL story. Packed with tools, exercises, and powerful doses of inspiration from some kindred spirits, the course reveals how the stories we tell about our lives directly influence how we feel & how we live. It’s open for registration now and starts in January and I couldn’t be more proud or excited!

Rick Mulready launched his Facebook marketing business and finally left his comfy corporate job behind.

Rosie Taylor Celebrated my first anniversary as an entrepreneur   My lizard brain almost got me a few times after escaping the Cubicle Nation in 2011 so it’s a major milestone. Not only did we celebrate our first anniversary, but I have launched several online classes and began speaking about small business marketing all over South Florida. This is my favorite part of the business and look forward to doing more to help business owners in 2013!

Attorney Ruth Carter released her first ebook The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed.

Ruth Davis leaped the big one. She is living full-time in her RV at the beach with her dog, working virtually with entrepreneurs who use Macs and writing about the heart-sparking adventures that keep her opening to what she wants to create next.


S for Super Star

Sally Anne Giedrys launched brand new group coaching programs and strategy sessions to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs launch their own reinventions and find their perfect blend of life and work, their way.

Sara Vainer After months of construction and finalizing our exciting partnership with the new startup accelerator, Amplify.LA, NextSpace @ Amplify opened its doors in September marking NextSpace’s 6th (and 1st partnered) location. It has been a fantastic 3 months and so exciting to watch the community grow and members connecting. Looking forward to an incredible 2013!

Sarah Dunigan launched campaign to build a fashion workshop for 150 women artisans in Rwanda.  We heard well behaved women rarely change the world so we’re creating a workshop for talented and sassy women artisans to make beautiful jewelry while changing their world, our world, the world.

Sarah Kathleen Peck  Sarah swam naked from Alcatraz to San Francisco to raise $32,398 for Charity Water, and launched the “Start Something Project” to work with high-impact individuals to get projects up and running.


Sarah Yost created Coaching Practice in a Box.  I created Coaching Practice in a Box, a thoroughly thorough guide to every single a new coach needs to know about setting up her practice.

Seh Hui “Felix” Leong  Switched to a company more aligned to my goals, being part of expanding several tribes of change makers (Webcamp KL, Educamp KL, OpenCoffeeClub KL etc.) and gave the most talks in my whole life.   The full listing of talks that I have delivered in the past – most of which have the audio attached.

Shana Montesol Johnson helped expats and international development professionals in 7 countries, across 3 continents, get clear, get unstuck, and take action through the *What’s Next?* group coaching program, which she led 5 times in 2012. She is excited to help more people figure out “What’s next?” in their careers and lives by offering the program again in 2013. Earlier this year, Shana’s blog, Development Crossroads, was named Best New Blog in the Aid Bloggers’ Best Awards (ABBAs)

Sheppard Lake took a leap of faith, completed the Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program and was the first in her class to obtain certification.  .

Sonia Quiñones relaunched her website. Putting her writing know-how to good use, Sonia helped solopreneurs and organizations communicate their value. From developing new online content to translating important documents into Spanish, she worked behind the scenes to make sure her clients’ good deeds were joyfully shared with the world.

Sonja Stetzler launched Effective Connecting.   Effective Connecting is a coaching service helping solopreneurs and small business owners develop and use speaking and presentation skills to grow their business.

Stacey Curnow The FREE Flying Lessons Telesummit (featuring Pam Slim!) to help women find their purpose and SOAR!

Stephanie Knox Cubbon launched The Heart of Living Your Yoga online course. I helped people to take their yoga practice off the mat through the Heart of Living Your Yoga online course.

Susan Chritton authored Personal Branding for Dummies a comprehensive guide to living an aligned and authentic life.

Sylvia Duncan lauched a website and completed her first book  “The Journey Back To You” scheduled for publication in March 2013.


T for Toasting You

Immigration Attorney Tanya Lee  is finally satisfying her inner educator by branching into webinars, e-docs, and how-to videos.

Thomas Strich presented and displayed a public art proposal to make a whimsical rocket launch site for the City of Albuquerque, and then featured this proposal on his new website.

Tzaddi Gordon launched to share her art, including a new and beautiful line of greeting cards.


V for Vivacious

Valerie Mullins – Re-discovering my mission.  I have added public relations/publicity to my new work offerings. Website to be redesigned in the coming month.

Valerie Steiger launched “Plan a SENSEsational Event”.  Plan a SENSEsational Event is an audio and visual product designed to help you get laser-focused on your ideal audience, give them what they really want, and deliver a LIVE program that builds on delivering, long-lasting connection to your people. It will provide encouragement, confidence and inspiration to take the Stage. (OR, if you choose to hire an event planner to handle all the details, you will know exactly what to expect!)

Y for Yowza

Freelance writer and editor, Yael Grauer, added content strategy consultations to her business writing repertoire.

Yolanda A. Facio Taking it to the Next Level!  This year I Joined forces with Stacy Stone to create a double-whammy for small business owners. We’ve created not only the best place to get product and service launch advice but to grow your business into a sustainable and thriving one. Be happy, love your business and sell more stuff!

Thank you so much to all of my clients, blog readers, Twitter and Facebook buddies, family, friends and neighbors who made this year a rich, meaningful, interesting, productive and lesson-filled year. While I celebrate the highlights, projects shipped, clients served and awards earned, I also celebrate the messy parts: missed opportunities, flops and miscalculations. You can’t have one without the other on the road of entrepreneurship.

I am so blessed to do work I love with people I care for and admire deeply. Thank you everyone for your trust, partnership and support.

May your 2013 be filled with joy, meaning, abundance, health and laughter.

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  1. This is so awesome! Seeing a lot of names I know on this list and reading about everyone’s accomplishments makes me smile so big!

    I even got a tear in my eye. I’m so glad for everyone’s work they’ve put into their businesses. I’m grateful to be listed here.

    Thank you, Pam, for your inspiration and authenticity in what you do. I’ve enjoyed your programs and look forward to more. Blessings in 2013!

  2. Niki says:

    That is one amazing list! You really made it possible for these individuals. Here’s to an amazing 2013 for all of us!

  3. Wanted to thank you Pam for being such an incredible source of support and inspiration. I’d forgotten that this time last year I had commented on your list for 2011 and looked forward to learning & working with some of the people on the list.

    Fast forward one short year and thanks to Liftoff, that’s actually started to become a reality! Thank you again. You seriously rock!

  4. Inspiring to read- hooray for everybody!

  5. Gretchen Pachlhofer says:

    Looking forward to wherever this path is going. Your list is inspiring. Celebrating flops… the concept vs. seeing it as failure. Very enlighting.

  6. Terri Lane says:

    You have done a very great job! Wish you all the luck and more blessings this year 2013.

  7. faisal says:

    Those are indeed some awesome things, good work and highly motivating.

    Happy new year 😉

  8. Vivek says:

    Hi Pam

    We spoke around 4 years back on the phone, and have been an admirer of your work since. (I’m a Bangalore based IT professional).

    A wonderful update of the businesses and people you have worked with !

    I wanted your counsel on a career beyond the cubicle. When can I reach you for this on the phone ?

    To you and all your biz partners – Have a great 2013 !


  9. Pace Smith says:

    So proud to be in such good company!

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  11. Ben Fanning says:

    Hi Pam, Really impressive list of client accomplishments. What’s speaks the most to me is at the end of the posts you celebrate the “messy parts”. That’s a fantastic reminder for 2013!

    • Pamela says:

      Thanks Ben! Yes, we like to downplay the messy parts, but that is often where the richest learning lurks. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  12. Pam Hirsch says:

    Thank you, Pam, for the amazing things that you have done and for your kind support of those of us who have had the blessings to have worked with you!

    I wish you and all of the rest of us entrepreneurs and cubicle smashers a healthy, joyous, fulfilled and prosperous New Year!

  13. Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo says:

    Thank you, Pam, for inspiring and supporting such a splendid array of powerful work in the world. Happy 2013!

  14. WOW, Pam! It’s so inspiring to see your many awesome accomplishments along with all of your clients!

    I’m so thrilled that I got to join you for Power Boost Live — I made so many wonderful connections — and to be included in this list!

    THANK YOU for shining your light so bright that our paths are illuminated!

    Bright blessings and massive success to everyone here!!

    • Pamela says:

      Thanks Stacey! It was so fun to meet you in person at Power Boost Live. I wish you much love and best wishes in 2013!