The truth behind what you need to do to develop true expert status

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Amplify Your Expert Status – Pam Slim Keynote at Infusioncon from Pamela Slim on Vimeo.

Earlier this month, I was honored to present a keynote at Infusioncon, the user conference for Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft is a local Gilbert, Arizona business that provides marketing automation software for small businesses. It is a great product, that I use in my own company.

During the conference, participants were learning all kinds of great ways to plan and organize their marketing so that they could extend their reach and multiply their profits. As business owners, we live and die from cash flow, so maximizing efficiency in our marketing processes is essential.

But sometimes we forget that maximizing profits and doing nifty tricks to capture emails and convert customers is only the tip of the iceberg.

If real, useful, credible products and services are not delivered to your customers, you will never build a great reputation and brand.

In my talk, I share the core principles that I have used to build a thriving community, healthy business and well-know national brand.

Perhaps my favorite suggestion is to create an Octagon for Information Products. I pray that at least three of my readers are MMA fans and will get my joke. 🙂

Please watch the video and let me know what you think! Thoughts, reactions, suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Thanks again Infusionsoft for putting on a truly useful and engaging event. It is so wonderful to see a company that gets both corporate culture and customer culture so right.


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22 Responses to “The truth behind what you need to do to develop true expert status”

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  2. Hi Pam, your speech was so different from many, because you stressed Mastery, rather then Marketing. Obviously, without marketing ones Mastery remains hidden, but it’s encouraging to hear that Mastery matters. There is still the proverbial question: when you have Mastery, how do you get it out into the Big World, without the Big List? The standard answer: if one has a great service/product people with the big lists will be interested in promoting it. You are doing it…and Guy Kawasaki:) Are there many others?

  3. Nancy McCabe says:

    Hi Pam – timing is everthing – in the midst of redefining and in turn repositioning, your messages hit me right between the eyes. Thank you, Nancy (friend to your super buddy Cheryl Dolan)

  4. Sveta says:


    Vimeo does not have a captioning feature for sure. Many people have been complaining about this for over 4 years as I described in my blog:

    YouTube has auto captioning, but it is not advised to let a machine generate auto captions:

    It has a video embedded explaining why auto captions is not a good idea:

    The solution would be to create a good quality transcript with a timestamp done by a vendor such as Casting Words and upload it to YouTube to show good quality captions.

    It is not enough to just create captions – it is important to create good quality captions following certain guidelines. The Best Practices page explains this:

    There are many factors to keep in mind such as using proper punctuation, proper grammar, spelling, identifying speakers, describing sounds – all of those that a machine cannot do. Therefore, watching bad captions is as frustrating to someone who has little or no hearing as it is for a hearing person trying to listen to bad audio.

  5. Andy Pels says:

    Wow, Pam. Your point was clear and you’re becoming quite the kick ass presenter. You’ve always been excellent, but are now turning world class. working a fart joke in so well takes special skill also.

    As for Sveta’s good point, I don’t think Vimeo has a captioning feature. You might have to use YouTube so you can have a captioned version.

  6. Sveta says:

    The presentation looks interesting and I’d love to watch it and to share my comments, but as one of 20% of deaf and hard of hearing people in USA, I cannot follow it without captions..

  7. Pam ~ You are of Rock Star status with your presentations and messages, yet a feet-on-the-ground soul in who you are and your belief in people. Loved the presentation!

  8. Awesome advice and video, Pam. I LOVED the idea of reaching out to people who care about the same things that you care about. Genuine and effective.

    I’m trying to reinvent my life and find my purpose. I “Escaped My Cubicle” 🙂 last July in the name of a sabbatical. I’ve had some amazing life experiences (got my skydiving license, studied at an ashram for a month, getting ready for 10-day silent retreat and month-long survival school program), but I’m trying to figure out where I want to go with all of it. I’m actually very interested in life coaching, and 1 day may be reaching out to you in the same way you reached out to Guy. Not gonna lie though…scared about the # of life coaches out there and how I would differentiate myself. I’ve been told by a lot of my friends that I would be good at it though!

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this video. Very insightful and inspirational.

  9. Shenee says:

    This was so inspirational for me Pam! I have been really resistant against calling myself a branding expert but I DO love it. Nothing makes me more excited than thinking of new ways to activate brands and even though I have a smaller audience, the results have been great for people.

    And I am only 23 so sometimes I feel like a youngin too.

    I am going to own my expert status, embrace my secret sauce and continue to let myself (and my business) grow.

    THANKS so much for everything you do!

    • Pamela says:

      Thanks so much Shenee! Yes, just because you are young does NOT mean you cannot develop deep expertise. Just try to say that excuse in front of Shama. 😉

  10. Cheryl Dolan says:

    Pam, I loved everything about this talk! Loved the message which so perfectly matched your “state” and therefore your delivery. What particularly resonated with me was the question “Would you bet your mother’s life savings on your ability to deliver value to your customers?”. Whoa – talk about putting things into perspective at a visceral level! Love your energy and enthusiasm and all the gestures and nonverbals that convey them. Sure got me thinking . . . xo

    • Pamela says:

      Thank you so much Cheryl!!! Your feedback means so much. I was definitely trying to make you proud 😉 And knowing my “secret weapon” helped me really lean into the topic, even though it might have been a bit uncomfortable for some in the room.

      The things to fix next time were related to my breath – I was fresh off of bronchitis, so I was so afraid I would start to cough. My breathing was a little shallow. Then my time was cut a bit short, so I didn’t take as many pauses as I would have wanted, and used “Right” and “OK” to fill in space, as opposed to silence. All good tweeks to make for next time!

      As for the “mother’s life savings,” that got me in the gut too. I tried to think about what would make me the most uncomfortable, and would feel like the biggest risk that would push me toward quality. That was it!

      I am working with Sheila to take my own advice and make sure we are really delivering great stuff. It is always a work in progress, but so worth doing!

  11. lilalia says:

    Pam, your talk was highly inspirational. It was based soundly on your great range of professional knowledge. Your stories promoted your warm and honest nature. And, your stories illuminated the community you have done so much to build. (See, I paid attention!) Thanks, it was a great talk.

    • Pamela says:

      Thank you Iilalia! I so appreciate that you paid attention to the stories behind the story. And I appreciate your long-standing support and participation in my community. It is amazing that almost every comment on this post is from someone who has been part of my blog for many years.

  12. fas says:

    Very well presented and talks about a very essential thing which is much ignored by us.

    • Pamela says:

      Thank you so much Fas! I agree – we don’t often like to talk about quality of products in the entrepreneur world – just selling.

      And I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your comments on every one of my blog posts. That really means a lot!

    • Pamela says:

      Thanks so much Lisa! You have been here since the VERY beginning of the blog, and your support means so much. Love you!

  13. Lisa Evans says:

    Superb presentation, Pam! Sending you aloha and love!

  14. Woohoo! Glad this video is online already. And yes, the octagon was one of my favorite parts of your keynote. The idea of two info products about to battle it out totally cracked me up!

    • Pamela says:

      Yay Carmen! That reference was totally inspired by you. At least me, you, Kelly and Serge will get it! It was so great to see you at Infusioncon. You inspire me with your own expert status. 🙂