The only thing worse than beginning … is beginning again

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I have spent the last seven years helping people start things, usually businesses. There are so many fears and doubts that get in the way of beginning something new, but when people overcome them, there is nothing quite like it.

Starting something is hard. But starting again, after success, is even harder.

Ze Frank just made an amazing video that gets to the heart of this phenomenon.

My love affair with ZeFrank’s brain has a long and sordid history, much like my obsession with John Legend.

He popped on the scene with a funny little video teaching people how to dance properly. And then he became an “Internet Sensation” and even spoke at TED, twice.

He was big, very big. And his Internet show was enormously popular.

Then he stopped his show, chilled out from the main stage for awhile, and worked on a variety of creative projects.

I met him twice in person, and basically acted like a young schoolgirl meeting Justin Bieber. I am not sure, but I may have screamed.

The reason I love him so much is because he mixes his true creative genius with enormous heart and honesty. That is pretty rare.

Beginning again, after success and recognition, is pretty hard. Maybe that is why I have been challenged with finishing my new book proposal.

Not anymore, thanks to Ze. “I don’t want to start, but I will.”

(Here is the direct link to the video on YouTube: )

This has some Not Safe For Work language, so beware if you are blasting this in your cube.

It is so worth it!

Thanks Ze. I love you. 🙂

And thanks Jeff Moriarty for sharing this video with me.


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19 Responses to “The only thing worse than beginning … is beginning again”

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  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Pam thanks for sharing something so inspiring and honest for life and business. I love the idea of extending the same generosity that we would give to loved ones, to ourselves.

  3. Kathy says:

    I am also obsessed with this video and haven’t been able to stop watching it for weeks. Watching the video and watching the tally of ‘views’ of the video soar as people hear about it.

    My favorite line, the one now taped to my computer, “let me stop sharpening my pencils, my pencils are sharp enough. Even the dull ones will make a mark.” Nice, Ze. Nice.

  4. Yes! I saw this when Cath Duncan posted it. Fabulous! The last line is actually my favorite and most motivating: “God let me enjoy this. Life isn’t just a sequence of things waiting to be done.”

  5. Sheri says:

    So exactly the message I needed to hear today. I began again 2 weeks ago and a very good friend said to me yesterday – “are you trying to recreate exactly what you had, because why did you leave that if that’s the case? You had a paycheck there for god sake”. OK, fine Universe, I’m ready to listen now!

  6. Beth Herman says:

    Awesome video but even more awesome Turtle Steps. You must have a turtle whisperer out there too! Smiling. Thank you.

  7. Hi Pam, This is a great video indeed! He’s right, life is not a sequence of making things to be done. An inspiring video, his statements makes you realize a lot of things and seriously I agree mostly of what he said. Thank you for sharing this, a total boost of positivity!

  8. fas says:

    But starting again does have its advantages, you wont make the same mistakes again.

  9. […] know where to begin? I had some thoughts on that! Grateful hat tip to Pamela Slim for blogging about this video. Otherwise, it might have been a very long time before I found it. […]

  10. WooHoo, that is a fantastic video! I am totally jumping on the Ze Frank fan-wagon! Thanks for always inspiring and being so real Pam! No matter how busy I am, I always make time for a Pam Slim blog update…and you always make it worthwhile.

  11. One word: BRILLIANT. Thank you for sharing this, Pam. I understand why you love him. xo

  12. My head is still trying to observe that barrage of words that I just experienced in this video. And by barrage of words I mean a non-stop series of very real, very raw statements that hold true to me, and probably just about anyone else.

    Thanks for sharing this Pam. I am still trying to wrap my head around it, and that is a GREAT thing!

  13. Ok, I feel like someone who has been given a drink of water after having been in the hot, dry desert for days!!!!

    A total boost of positive energy!!! Thanks for sharing Pam, I am off to release some of that positive energy:)

  14. It’s all about making time for the things we find important and fun.
    There are a never ending series of tasks always beckoning for our attention.

  15. Chris Dillon says:

    Wait, I’m not alone?

    Seriously, great post, great video. EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. How does the internet do that?

  16. Wow, this is fantastic! I’m definitely sharing this with my students, many of whom are graduating from college this spring and heading out into the world!

  17. Ali Davies says:

    Thanks for sharing this Pam. That video is right up my street. Found myself ready to roar “hell yeah” at the screen several times!!!!

  18. “Life isn’t just a sequence of things waiting to be done.”

    I so needed to hear this video this week! This is such a focal point of my week that I wrote about it on my own blog…and I rarely blog anymore! It’s time. It’s cyclic. It’s about finding the joy in each and every step along this rocky path we’re on. It’s about understanding that ** feels this anxiety-angst-fear-thing as we spin around to a new step in our evolution. And it’s about doing it anyway, because the alternative is to cease to grow as a human being…and that just won’t do.

    Thank you Pam & Jeff for sharing this with me this week. Twice.

  19. Kyeli says:

    HOLY AMAZEBALLS I needed to hear that today. Wowza. I’m just… I’m… yeah. Thanks, Pam. <3